About us

Better belongs to all.

Better for the Body. Better for the Planet.

My Supply Co. started as an exploration of all things cannabis, starting with the science. We noticed how through simple daily practices that big changes were made for ourselves and our loved ones. So, we sought to bridge the worlds of cannabis, personal care, and biology, and make these changes accessible to all.

Today, My Supply Co. is a personal care company inspired by cannabis and magic mushrooms. Everything we make (supplements, skincare, and foods) is inspired by a need; either it isn’t being made, or there isn’t a version to our standard of efficacy or purity.

Shop personal care created with the planet in mind. We only have one world to protect.

Our values are simple.

We believe in good design, good people, and good impact. That conscious commerce has the power to transform the world.

Years later, we still have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Our team is working harder than ever to amplify the mission and welcome thousands more to the My Supply Co. family.

We are working hard. There’s a lot left to do. And we’re grateful for this impractical-seeming desire that drives us, and the peace we find in this pace.

We believe strongly that, if we are unforgiving to every detail, there will always be those few who will recognize this dedication.