Better Sex, Whenever You Want It.

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Sex Drive is Life Drive

Stress is not seductive.

It disrupts sex hormones and dries up juicier inclinations. If we fall under the wave of everyday pressures, we not only hamper our ability to connect with one another, we compromise the flow that contributes to healthy fertility, virility, creativity, and feelings of fulfillment. Our sex hormones affect everything from our drive and thoughts to our appearance. If ravaged by stress, these hormones can no longer keep us vital. We literally dry up, whether it’s no longer connecting with things that inspire us or no longer connecting physical arousal with emotional desires.

Healthy sexual energy is creative potential in the body. When you harmonize sex hormones, you feed your life force. You see it manifested in supple skin, thicker hair, and strong teeth and nails—nature’s way of signaling vitality. Our blood pumps with vigor, stoking our internal flame, and in our fertile years, our body gets the message that it is safe to receive and nurture a baby. The overall effect is feeling awakened, potent, and on fire.

I highly recommend playing with these powerful herbs, nootropics, adaptogens, and superfoods with a partner—there’s something big that happens when two people commit to sexy plants together: The vigor of one is met with the openness of the other.

Be well,

Will, Co-Founder