Buzzed Extracts

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Buzzed Extracts products made?

Buzzed Extracts is based in the unsurrendered, unceded sovereign lands of the First Nations. All product design, cultivation, and production is done right here on Canadian soil. When you purchase Buzzed Extracts products, you support they heart of the Canadian cannabis industry.

How are Buzzed Extracts made?

Buzzed Extracts focuses on reducing and eradicating the chance of contaminants and residual solvents in the final extract. All Buzzed Extracts products are purged for impurities so that they contain no residual solvents or trace chemicals. Buzzed Extracts are free from Vitamin E Acetate, Polyethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, MCT or any other fillers. All products are made from cannabis grown without the use of pesticides and without the presence of heavy metals. All Buzzed Extracts products are made with food-grade formulations.

Are Buzzed Extracts products lab tested?

Yes, Buzzed Extracts products are lab tested — once before the product (the cannabis) and once after the product (the shatter and oils). The cannabis is tested for heavy metals and pesticides and the product is tested for residual solvents and/or contaminants. All products sold by Buzzed Extracts pass the standards for purity and safety.

Where does Buzzed Extracts obtain its cannabis?

Buzzed Extracts obtains its cannabis from Canadian cannabis farms. It only obtains cannabis from farms that grow cannabis without the use of pesticides and whose plants pass tests for heavy metals.

How do you use Buzzed Extracts shatter?

Shatter is best used in a dabbing rig. This is a glass or quartz device that acts a lot like a bong, but instead of having a conventional bowl, it has a bowl specifically designed for shatter. The bowl is heated until it is very hot and the shatter is inserted into the bowl using a “pen”. As the shatter vapourises in the bowl, you can inhale the vapour through the mouthpiece at the top of the dabbing rig. If you don’t have a dabbing rig but would still like to try using shatter, you can use it on your normal bong. First, load up your bong as normal with cannabis or mix and then put a small piece of shatter on top. However, be aware that with this process, you’re essentially taking wto doses!

What is CO2 honey oil?

Buzzed Extracts’ CO2 honey oil is a special kind of cannabis oil made without the use of a solvent. High quality equipment is used to extract cannabinoids using carbon dioxide which means that the final product is guaranteed to contain 0% residual solvent. It is among the highest quality forms of cannabis oils available in the Canadian cannabis market.