Faded Cannabis Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Faded Cannabis Co. based?

Faded Cannabis Co. is a cannabis extraction and cannabis-infused food company based out of Vancouver, Canada.

How are Faded Cannabis Co.’s extractions made?

Faded Cannabis Co. makes high-quality, shatter-like cannabis extractions using medical-grade butane as an extraction method. The company uses premium quality cannabis, which is then purged for over 100 hours after extraction to remove impurities. Faded Cannabis Co. has proprietary extraction techniques to preserve the maximum flavour profile of each strain and phenotype.

Are Faded Cannabis Co.’s extracts and products lab tested?

Yes - Faded Cannabis Co’s products are tested for consistency between batches. Each batch is tested to ensure it contains the advertised THC/CBD levels.

Are Faded Cannabis Co.’s edible products vegan?

Faded Cananbis Co. makes both vegan and non-vegan edible cannabis products. Make sure to double check the product and the ingredients if you’re sensitive to animal products. All tinctures and shatters can safely be consumed by vegans.

Does the THC in Faded Cannabis Co.’s full spectrum CBD products make you feel high?

Full spectrum CBD products are made with industrial hemp, which by law should contain less than 0.3% THC. THC at these levels is considered negligible and shouldn’t get you high. At the same time, that doesn’t mean it won’t show up on a drug test, so if you have to be tested for any reason, there’s no guarantee that you won’t test positive for THC.

How do you use shatter?

Shatter is typically consumed with something called a dabbing rig. A dabbing rig looks a lot like a bong, and is made out of glass or quartz crystal. The bowl is heated until it’s red hot and then the shatter is inserted in the bowl with a “pen” device. It vapourizes in the bowl, at which point you can inhale the vapour through the mouth piece. The vapour is filtered through the water in the dabbing rig.

How much THC or CBD should you use?

The amount of THC or CBD you use depends on what you’re using it for, the severity of your problem, and the way your own body metabolises. A dose might be as small as 5mg, or as big as 50mg, depend on your needs. To learn more about dosage for THC and CBD, check out our comprehensive guide on cannabis dosage: mysupplyco.com/blog/a-comprehensive-cannabis-dosage-guide

Should you use a single cannabinoid or mixed cannabinoid product?

The choice of cannabinoids depends mostly on you. Some people choose not to use THC products because they cause intoxication. For others, the intoxicating effects of THC are part of the therapeutic effect. Some people prefer to consume both at the same time because the experience is more balanced. See each of Faded Cannabis Co.’s product descriptions to see best uses for each product.