Mota Cannabis

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mota Cannabis based?

Mota Cannabis is based on Vancouver Island — where the sea and mountains meet. It’s from here that Mota Cannabis grows its plants, formulates and produces its cannabis edibles and tinctures.

Where does Mota Cannabis source its cannabis?

Mota Cannabis is the source of their cannabis. Mota Cannabis grows its cannabis strains on Vancouver Island, carefully selecting its strains and phenotypes to produce carefully curated cannabis products that anybody can consume.

Are Mota Cannabis edibles vegan?

Not all of Mota Cannabis’ edible products are vegan, so be sure to check the ingredients for each product if you’re sensitive to animal products. However, Mota Cannabis tinctures can be consumed by everybody including vegans.

What’s in a bottle of Mota Cannabis tinctures?

Mota Cannabis is dedicated to formulas that support the beneficial effects of cannabis. This includes adding other sedative herbs such as valerian or anxiolytic herbs like passionflower. Mota uses patient models to determine the best formula and use for each product.