Realm Chocolates

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Realm Chocolates based?

Realm Chocolates is a magic mushroom-infused chocolatier company based in British Columbia, Canada.

How are magic mushrooms sourced for Realm Chocolates products?

Very specific varieties of psilocybin mushrooms called Golden Teacher are grown to make Realm Chocolate bars. Mushrooms are never wild picked for the purpose of making magic mushroom products.

What ingredients does Realm Chocolates use?

Realm Chocolates uses cacao from Ghana. No added sugars are used or added to the cacao. Realm Chocolates are artisanal chocolate bars that contain minimal, high quality ingredients, including magic mushrooms. The sprinkles or marshmallows may contain added sugars, so remove them for a completely natural experience.

How much psilocybin mushrooms should you take?

Dosage of magic mushrooms depends on whether you want an intense mushroom experience, a microdose, and what your experience level is with psilocybin usage. For more detailed information on what to expect from different dosages, check out our guide on magic mushroom dosage:

Are Realm Chocolates better for macrodosing or microdosing?

Because Realm Chocoaltes are large and only contain 2g of magic mushrooms, they are better used for microdosing or for very light macrodosing. For example, to consume 1g magic mushrooms, you would have to consume half the Realm Chocolates bar, which might feel like a lot. However, Realm Chocolates can be used as an artisanal and delicious way to consume a microdose.