Room 920

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Room 920 based?

Room 920 is a magic mushroom edibles company based out of British Columbia. All mushrooms are grown in BC and all products are crafted to perfection, right here in Canada.

How does Room 920 source its mushrooms?

Room 920 grows all of its own psilocybin mushrooms. They are never sourced out in the wild. Carefully selected varieties of psilocybin magic mushrooms are cultivated for use in Room 920’s range of magic mushroom edibles.

Are Room 920’s edibles lab tested?

Yes - Room 920’s magic mushroom edibles are lab tested for consistency in psilocybin dosage. This ensures that you never accidentally take too much or too little and gives you ultimate control over your psilocybin dosage.

How much magic mushrooms should you take?

How much magic mushrooms you choose to take really depends on you. You might be wanting a psychedelic experience or you might simply want a microdose. To know the difference between the two, and which dose might be appropriate for you, check out our guide for magic mushroom dosage:

Are Room 920’s edible products better for microdosing or macrodosing?

Room 920’s edibles are appropriately formulated for both kinds of magic mushroom users. The chocolate bars can be broken up into 9 or 18 pieces, or half the block can be consumed for a pretty decent macrodose! The teas are recommended for use as a single dose (macrodose).

What can I use Room 920 magic mushroom edibles for?

Room 920 magic mushroom edibles can be used for simple recreation, for curiosity, or as an alternative treatment to a number of different mental health conditions. There is a growing body of evidence that supports the use of magic mushrooms for a variety of conditions. However, all the science is still young, so it’s important to talk to your doctor if this is the reason you want to use magic mushrooms.