The End of an Era =
The Start of Another.

Just as the trees are shedding to make way for new growth, My Supply Co. is in a similar state of transition—we're saying goodbye to many of our third-party collections. Like the fall transition, permitting these products to fall away allows us to focus our time, energy, and resources on growing and realizing our vision.

Join us in celebrating this seasonal rebirth with 50% off all items on this page.

Learn more about our plans for the future here.

To make sure as many people get a slice of the savings as possible, you can only add one of each item to your cart.


Not your thing? Contact us within 30 days of your order to get a 100% refund. There is no hassle. You do not have to return anything to us. If you do not love My Supply Co. products for any reason, simply get in touch via SMS, email, or live chat and let us know you’d like a refund. That’s it.