It really wasn’t that long ago that friends had to meet in secluded places to share a joint together. There was a big hoo-ha about finding it and going to get it. Then, a few phone calls later, everybody met behind the local mechanic. It was kind of a ritual.

There are more reasons to use cannabis now than there were back then. Nobody really talked about using cannabis medicinally and there were no “forms”. Weed was weed. These days, cannabis is a whole lot more available to a whole lot more people — even those who don’t exactly have the time for meeting up with friends or lighting up a joint.

Just because your life is busy or high pressure doesn’t mean that cannabis can’t be a helpful ritual for better performance, happiness, and wellbeing. Incorporating cannabis rituals into your life doesn’t just help you to develop a better, healthier relationship with cannabis, it personalises your experience with it. And at the end of the day, it helps you get the best out of cannabis!

1. Puff, puff, stretch.

An illustration of women sitting on yoga mats stretching and doing yoga, while one is smoking a bong. A concept of cannabis rituals and yoga.

A busy life can’t start without a bit of mild exercise. It gets the digestion moving and the blood pumping before the day’s events. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you like to start your day with. Whether you walk to work, start the day with a gym or swim session, or even if you’re too busy for exercise — start your day with puff, puff, stretch.

Spend the 10 minutes before you leave your house stretching and puffing on a high Sativa or CBD vape strain. It’s pretty simple — puff, puff, stretch. Visualise your day being a raging success while you rotate your neck and ankles. Keep your headphones in and the tunes pumping or listen to your favourite meditation. After 10 minutes of stretching, put your vape away and walk out the door.

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Jack Herer Sativa Vape Cart

If THC is your jam and you don’t mind kick-starting your day with a cannabis high, Jack Herer Sativa Vape Cart gets your insides moving in all the right ways. Jack Herer is made for movement, stretching and exercise and precedes a busy day splendidly.

2. Post-workout muscle massage.

A photograph of a woman with muscles painted and drawn on her back representing anatomy and massage.

Cannabis isn’t just for consuming through your airways and your gut — the skin can consume cannabis too. Topical cannabis is an ideal way for athletes and busy people to keep their muscles in tip-top shape.

Even if you bounce from workout to function or from work to workout, you always need a shower after a session. After that is the perfect time to spend five minutes indulging your muscles and your skin with a topical cannabis product. But don’t just slap it on — take the time to massage it in and thank your muscles for working super hard. 

From the pantry

1200mg CBD Smooth+ Cream

For a heavy topical dose of CBD and some serious muscle and skin healing, we recommend the 1200mg CBD Smooth+ Cream post-workout. The CBD dose is generous, meaning a small amount goes a long way to repair muscles and soothe the senses.

3. Afternoon aperitifs. 

4 Ways to Incorporate Cannabis Rituals Into a Busy Life | Living | My Supply Co.

Busy people have a tendency to get “wired and tired” — i.e., the result of too many coffees. The thing is that caffeine actually drains your central nervous system, leaving you more exhausted than before the coffee. Afternoons should be saved for something a little more gentle but just as effective. 

Replace your afternoon coffee ritual with a cannabis afternoon aperitif. It’s really easy — you’re favourite CBD-infused gummy and your favourite cup of herbal tea. Take the short afternoon break to savour a sweet treat and calm down your mind. Remind yourself that you perform your best when you are cool, calm and collected, not when you’re bouncing off walls. Maybe it’s a good moment for some affirmations or for listening to your best inspiring speaker for a few minutes.

From the pantry

200mg CBD Gummies Variety Pack

Because variety is the spice of life, right? With the 200mg CBD Variety Pack, your afternoon aperitif can have a different flavour every day. Each piece contains 20mg CBD, so just one or two sweet treats is enough to calm your cerebrals, focus you, and get you zooming through the rest of the day.

4. Night-time noodles.

A photograph of a woman journaling on her bed

Every successful life contains an element of self-reflection. Time to think about your day, things that stood out or events that made you feel something stronger. Sometimes we look back on our day and think of the things we could have done better and the things that we’re proud of. 

During a night-time noodle ritual, you can sit down at your desk and lamp with a notebook, a pen, and whatever cannabis product tickles your fancy the most (make sure it’s a sleepy kind). While you consume your cannabis, take a minute to write down things that stood out about your day. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. You don’t have to write down everything and the things you write down don’t have to be especially important. Perhaps today, you remembered a kind word someone said to you or you remember snapping at a colleague. Maybe the only thing that stands out about your day is the perfume that your barista was wearing in the morning.

When you’re done writing your night-time noodles, your sleepy cannabis should have well and truly kicked in. Wash your hands and your mouth clean of the day and be grateful for another chance tomorrow.

From the pantry

Romulan Indica

Romulan Indica is a hard-hitting indica strain, perfectly engineered for those who need to power through a solid night’s sleep. There’s no messing around here. While you puff away and write your night-time noodles, sleep will be knocking frantically on the night’s door. It’s the perfect night cap to a busy day (which is also the perfect way to segway into another busy day)! 

What are some of your favourite cannabis rituals? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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