Key takeaways.

  • Our top conspiracy shows to watch stoned?

    Get Me Roger Stone, The Social Dilemma, and The Great Hack.

  • Our top strains to pair them with?

    Greek Crack Sativa, Blue Dream Sativa and LSD.

Okay — so what? The world has gone a little mad with conspiracy theories lately. What used to exist on the fringe of society is now becoming more integrated. And whether you’re with it or you’re not, there’s always a lot of juicy story-telling going on.

The thing is there’s something extremely entertaining about smoking a potent sativa and diving into a rabbit hole even you know is going to get weird. We think weird and entertaining go hand in hand. So why not go on a little adventure?

We’ve paired up the 5 best conspiracy shows to watch while stoned along with the best strains to pair them with. We’ve got your next lazy weekend spent inside covered.

1. Get Me Roger Stone (2017).

Given the current state of affairs in the world, you’d think this is a pretty relevant conspiracy documentary to be watching. As the name suggests, this flick is about Roger Stone, the right wing, dirty trickster who’s thought to be the brains behind Donald Trump’s election in 2016. 

The subject of the Get Me Roger Stone himself, Roger Stone, is as entertaining as anyone else in the film. He describes himself as an “agent provocateur” without the slightest of modesty. 

It’s basically the story of the 2016 election — and the climax of Roger Stone’s involvement in the conspiracy of that election. The documentary includes Roger Stone, Donald Trump, a bunch of other high profile Americans and American journalists. On Rotten Tomatoes, it’s got the review “An important film that will change nothing”. You decide?

Pairs with Green Crack Sativa from the pantry.

Green Crack is the perfect wake and bake. Which means it’s Saturday morning. Make your breakfast, top it off with a joint, and spend the morning on the couch getting your cerebrals jizzed at the thought of Roger Stone. 

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2. Conspiracies. 

The original poster of Netflix's Conspiracy

Just exactly what it’s called. Conspiracies is a 12 part documentary series that’s basically just a stack of people talking about all kinds of conspiracy theories. If you’re the kind of person who often wonders — did Hitler ever escape the bunker? What was behind Jim Morrison’s death? Aliens, what of them? 

Ahh, this is a feast of conspiracies for the kind of people who can’t look away from a trainwreck. Obscure, sometimes a bit dark, but nonetheless perpetually entertaining, this series belongs on the to-do list of every psychedelic THC lover.

Pairs with LSD from the pantry.

Yes. You read the name of this strain correctly. And this is exactly what makes it perfect for Conspiracies. Psychedelic confusion pervades this strain so imagine what happens when you pair it with a 12-part docu-conspira-series? LSD’s high is long lasting and psychedelic enough to make this an immersive conspiracy experience.

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3. The Social Dilemma.

Given how much most of the world has spent using social media this year thanks to pandemics and lockdowns, how could we not include this? Although The Social Dilemma just teeters on the definition of a “conspiracy”, it’s a fun one for lovers of the internet.

The infamous quote from this film is “If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product.” The documentary is built around this concept and what fuels the bank accounts of social media giants. At the centre of that is the “user”, a word only ever used to describe those on drugs and those on social media.

The documentary features a number of figures that were key in the development of things like the Facebook like button. They talk about the inner workings of small mechanisms such as the like button and how it’s being weaponised against the user.

Pairs with Blue Dream Sativa vape cart from the pantry.

The dreamy cerebral high of Blue Dream is the perfect kind of pensive effect to have while watching The Social Dilemma. Imaginative thoughts and ideas pair perfectly with this intricate documentary about the inner workings of social media. Then it ends with a deeply relaxing physical stone — the perfect entrance into the afternoon. 

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4. The Great Hack.

While The Great Hack has pretty much become common knowledge rather than conspiracy, (or has it?), it’s a perfect documentary to watch with a good old fashion blunt. A documentary that’s one part The Social Dilemma, one part Get Me Roger Stone, this film highlights the alleged corruption behind the election of Donald Trump. The tool? Social media, of course.

The Great Hack was the first documentary that highlighted the potential outcome of fake news. In that way, this film was somewhat revolutionary.

Most people say there was no outcome to the investigation into whether there was foul play in the 2016 election, but there was an outcome and it’s highlighted in this movie. The outcome was that “there will never be a free and fair election ever again” thanks to the influence that social media has, that is now almost beyond control.

Pairs with Rainbow Sherbert Gummies from the pantry.

These gummies are the perfect way to start a morning filled with conspiracy documentaries like The Great Hack. With a hybrid strain, they’re neither too cerebral nor too physical, but a chill mix of the two. And with 30mg THC in each one, they’re going to get you sufficiently baked and in the mood for a documentary like this. But be mindful to keep them as far away as possible while experiencing the munchies!

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5. Brave New World.

Not a new conspiracy theory by any means, but definitely still an appropriate one. Brave New World was originally published as a book by Aldous Huxley in 1932. It’s a dystopian novel inspired by Stalin’s regime in Russia.

The dystopian Brave New World describes a place where science and efficiency are important above all else, and where creativity and emotions are seen as qualities to be trained out of the human. A heavy theme in this book is that intimate relationships are entirely compromised as “every one belongs to every one else” — a dictum commonly said in the story.

The story follows the lives of Bernard Marx, his lover Lenina, and another woman, Lina and her son, John, through the strange workings of the brave new world.

Pairs with Sour Lemon OG Sativa from the pantry.

If there was ever a strain that made your neurons fire into parts of your brain you didn’t even know existed, it’s Sour Lemon OG. That sounds like the perfect thing to pair with Brave New World as you explore the abstract concepts of control and how a scenario created in 1932 might mimic what’s happening in the world today. A perfect opportunity to smoke and conspire. 

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It’s been fun remembering and sharing our favourite conspiracy theory flicks to watch while stoned. Which ones have you seen? What are your favourites that are missing from this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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