Key takeaways.

  • Cannabis destinations for city lovers?

    Check out the coffeeshops of Amsterdam or Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark for an urban cannabis holiday.

  • Cannabis destinations for nature lovers?

    Check out Colorado, USA for some weed and mountains!

OK, so 2020 wasn’t exactly the best year for travel. We mostly saw other countries on the news, and too long in lockdown has caused most of us to associate countries with COVID statistics. But we’re optimistic 2021 is going to be better. This might even be the year that we can pack our backpacks and head overseas. And if it’s not, there’s always 2022, right?

In any case, cheers to dreaming up the next holiday destination. We’re all going to need it. We’ve put together a list of cannabis-friendly holiday destinations that you can look forward to post-COVID. You might be surprised what you find in this list!

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands; Coffeeshops for days.

A collage art of a woman on a bicycle in amsterdam carrying cannabis plants.

What Amsterdam does really well that Canada and the USA don’t do is the coffeeshop thing. Whereas it’s commonplace in Canada to walk into a dispensary, get your weed, and head home, it’s less of a thing in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, the normal thing to do is walk into a coffeeshop, have a joint, and get on with your day.

Coffeeshop culture makes Amsterdam a very chill, cannabis-friendly destination. Not all coffeeshops are created equal though. Some of them still retain the dingy feel of the days they just opened, while others have embraced modern culture and technology. 

Amsterdam is also a really beautiful city, lined with canals and some of the most striking architecture in Europe. So after a joint in the coffeeshop, there’s nothing better to do than walk around with a coffee, enjoying the view and meeting the locals.

Cannabis isn’t legal in Amsterdam. It’s tolerated under the Dutch Tolerance Policy. The Dutch government tolerates the use of soft drugs, and so coffeeshops can legally sell cannabis in small amounts. You can’t go in and get a month’s supply, but you can buy up to 5 grams. It should be consumed on the premises, and can’t be taken home or used in public, although this isn’t strictly enforced. It’s also meant for locals only, but this isn’t strictly enforced either.

2. Colorado, USA; Weed and mountains.

5 Cannabis Friendly Holiday Destinations For the Post-COVID Bucket List | Living | My Supply Co.
Artwork: Pam Leland. Source: @spokeandblossom

Colorado, USA is one of the freest places in the world when it comes to cannabis. With a fully legalised, recreational model, anybody over the age of 21 can acquire all matter of cannabis goods. Flowers, edibles, vapables and topicals are on the table. Cannabis spas. Cannabis farms. You can pretty much enjoy an entirely cannabis themed holiday in Colorado.

If you’re more of a weed-n-chill kind of person, Colorado boasts some of the most beautiful, epic mountains in the USA. The views are breathtaking, pretty much anywhere you are. It’s the perfect place to consume cannabis and go hiking, or forest bathing

It’s legal to buy and use cannabis in Colorado, although it’s prohibited from use in a public place. It’s also prohibited to use cannabis and drive, so plan your road trip accordingly if that’s on the agenda.

3. Phnom Penh, Cambodia; for happy pizzas.

5 Cannabis Friendly Holiday Destinations For the Post-COVID Bucket List | Living | My Supply Co.

OK — this is a somewhat cannabis-friendly holiday destination. It’s not actually legal to buy or consume cannabis in Cambodia, but the law is enforced… opportunistically, you could say. Cannabis grows a lot in Cambodia and can be purchased pretty cheap. In the world of Cambodian tourism, said cannabis is used to make happy pizzas, which can be readily bought from many happy pizza restaurants in Phnom Penh.

So it’s a grey area, but these restaurants legally operate and tourists and locals alike enjoy the cannabis-topped pizzas. Be mindful — these pizzas can pack a punch, so before you order a second, give it at least an hour to kick in.

Don’t wander around the Cambodian capital searching for cannabis though. It is illegal, and if you engage with it outside of legal places, you might find yourself in a lot of trouble!

4. Copenhagen, Denmark; Freetown Christiania.

5 Cannabis Friendly Holiday Destinations For the Post-COVID Bucket List | Living | My Supply Co.

If you’ve never heard of Freetown Christiania, it’s a free territory right in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark. The town was formed as an anarchic enclave in the 70s with squatters declaring it the freetown of Christiania, not subject to Danish laws. This was respected for a long time, although there’s intolerance from the Danish police in recent years.

Cannabis is sold freely in Christiania on Pusher St. Dealers are lined up with all of their offerings out in the open. There’s cannabis buds, hash, and sometimes edibles. 

Christiania isn’t just a cannabis hub. It’s its own town. There’s a cafe and a bar, there are shops and crafts to enjoy, and people live in Christiania. It’s aesthetically beautiful, lined with trees and decorated with art. And it’s a great place in Denmark to chill out, have a joint, and enjoy a beverage. 

Copenhagen itself is also a very cool city and worth adding to the list of post-COVID holiday destinations.

5. Las Vegas, USA; Party on… and on and on.

5 Cannabis Friendly Holiday Destinations For the Post-COVID Bucket List | Living | My Supply Co.

Because how could we not? Some of us are going to want one thing when holidays become possible: a party. And nobody can deny you that. Yes, Nevada is one of the states where cannabis is legal for all adults over 21. It’s also one of the entertainment capitals of the USA. It’s not just casinos, it’s shows upon shows. 

Cannabis dispensaries and even cannabis bars are all over Las Vegas. When you’re finished tasting the local delicacies, you can wander out to a Cirque de Soleil show, a broadway musical, or even a magic show. Some of the world’s most eccentric performers and entertainers make their way to Las Vegas — so it’s nothing short of a party.

If this list doesn't get your travelling self salivating, we don't know what will. Even though life is on the quiet side right now, it won't stay that way forever. We hope this list gets you excited for travel in the future. There's no better time to start planning than a cold winter spent in lockdown!

What destinations are on your post-COVID holiday bucket list? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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