Key takeaways.

  • What are the My Supply Co.'s staff picks for Golden Globe nominees?

    At the top of the list there's Palm Springs, Wolkfwaker, and One Night in Miami, and we've also included Borat Subsequent Moviefilm and Schitt's Creek.

  • Best strains to pair with the golden globe nominees?

    Violator Kush, Gorilla GLue #4, and LSD!

The Golden Globe awards are quickly approaching. In just a few days we’ll find out which of our favourite stars managed to shine through the pandemic and earn their Golden Globe award. But anyway — pandemic or not — we all spend a lot of time enjoying film and music entertainment. And there’s probably a lot of us who like to do that with a joint in their hand. In honour of that, we’ve got our favourite Golden Globe nominees worth smoking a joint to.

To keep things fun, we won’t just share the Golden Globe nominees themselves. We’ll pair each of them with the perfect strain. It’s still cold enough for whole weekends spent with a joint or a vape and a kickass movie. Put your slippers on, roll that joint, and enjoy this list of Golden Globe nominees worth smoking a joint to, put together by the staff at the My Supply Co. HQ.

1. Palm Springs — romantic hilarity.


Palm Springs is kind of like 50 First Dates meets The Hangover meets Hot Tub Time Machine. A pair meet at a wedding and find themselves in an endless time loop together, struggling to find their way out of it.

Their romance grows as they literally relive the same day, over and over again, constantly searching for a way out of their bizarre situation. The film follows them through fearless endeavours, blowing themselves up to see if they’ll still wake up the next day in the exact same situation.

This cosy, romantic film deserves its nomination for its creativity in romantic comedy. Exciting from beginning to end, Palm Springs is even somewhat philosophical, making you wonder what’s meaningful and what’s not.

Pair with Violator Kush Indica from the pantry.

Like the lovers in Palm Strings, Violator Kush is a strain for lovers, talkers, cuddlers and lovers of indulgence. It’s the perfect strain before a night on the couch with friends or a lover, a cup of tea, and Palm Springs. Giggles and fuzzy feelings are guaranteed. 

2. Wolfwalkers — a burst of inspiration. 


Wolfwalkers is an Apple Original animation released in 2020; the story of a young girl who finds herself trying to fit in with a pack of wolves and become a wolfwalker. She takes her place and every night when she sleeps, she turns into a wolf.

But she lives in a time where wolves are seen as the source of all evil, and the people of the town vow to eradicate the wolves. 

The movie is her brave and inspirational journey to protect the wolves and the wolf walkers. A beautiful animation supports the brave storyline — as does an epic soundtrack. Apple really nailed this animation that both children and adults can love. 

Pair with THC Vegan Cherry Bombs from the pantry.

Because nothing else can get your heart jumping and in the mood for Wolfwalkers than a Cherry Bomb. Each candy contains a generous 30mg THC to get you in touch with all the feels of this movie. Best enjoyed with the kids, with friends, or even alone with a glass of wine.

3. One Night in Miami… — for history, passion, and leadership.


One Night in Miami… is based on the stageplay and real life events of a single night; February 25, 1964. Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali, Jim Brown and Sam Cooke come together to discuss their responsibilities as successful black men during the civil rights movement.

Themes of love, leadership, and betrayal all tie into the wonderfully fictionized story of a single night. Directed by Regiina King, One Night in Miami… is a great piece of history about an important moment in the history of the motion towards equal rights.

Inspirational, creative, and engaging the whole way through, this film isn’t necessarily “easy watching”. It’s best savoured for a moment where you can put your whole heart into a journey into history.

Pair with LSD Hybrid from the pantry.

What a beautiful film to enjoy with a potent, creative, and psychedelic strain of cannabis. LSD all together gets your cerebrals deeply engaged with whatever is consuming your attention. It’s the perfect strain to have you hanging off the edge of your seat instead of sinking back into it. 

4. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm — laugh and question everything.


Not everyone thinks Borat Subsequent Movifilm is Borat’s best work — but the delivery and the messaging is oh-so-timely. The movie is a blatant example of how much Sasha Baren Cohen uses politics to drive his creativity and his comedy.

Borat appears with his daughter in this second film, travelling to give her to the American president to restore Kazakhstan's reputation. But as she arrives in America and sees the freedoms of the modern woman, she runs away from her father and pursues life as a journalist.

Intertwined with this father-daughter family drama is the ongoing COVID-19 saga. And of course, there’s the famous scene of Rudi Giuliani sticking his hand in his pants during an interview with Borat’s daughter. But we’ll leave the interpretation of that up to each viewer!

Comedy, politics, and boundary pushing — everything Borat is good at and famous for. A must watch for any Borat fans or anybody wanting a giggle at the less than ideal global landscape.

Pair with Gorilla Glue #4 Hybrid from the pantry.

Because giggles are the segway into all of life’s unanswerable questions — just like the kinds that Borat makes his whole career out of. If a night of giggles and Borat sounds perfect to you, be sure to pick up a Gorilla Glue #4 Hybrid Vape Cart from the My Supply Co. pantry before tuning in.

5. Schitt’s Creek — irony and comedy, all wrapped up in one.


Schitt’s Creek stars Eugene and Daniel Levy for a TV series packed with irony, family drama, and tongue-in-cheek comedy. Schitt’s Creek is all about a very wealthy family that loses everything and is forced back into working-class life. 

It’s funny watching the journey a rich family faces when all of a sudden, they have to fix their own taps, apply for jobs, and sell some of their fancy clothes to get money. There are a total of 6 seasons in Schitt’s Creek, with the final season premiering this year. It’s now nominated for 5 Golden Globe awards, with a bunch of actor/actress nominations and a nomination for Musical or TV Comedy Series.

It’s just fun to see a show that’s a little different from what we’re used to seeing by now in sitcoms. The family drama aspect touches on so many of the nuances that modern families experience, but still expresses the importance of family — even if you’re up Schitt’s Creek!

Pair with Tom Ford Indica Live Resin from the pantry.

A strong indica, a comfortable horizontal position, and as many episodes of Schitt’s Creek as you can possible handle. It’s altogether an antidepressant, relaxant, antianxiety prescription if you ask us! There’s no better way to curl up on a cold night than to watch a good comedy and enjoy some fine Tom Ford Live Resin

Don’t forget to tune in.

After you spend the weekend binging great films and TV series, don’t forget to check in on 1st march for the Golden Globe Awards. The Awards will be broadcast at 5pm PST on March 1st. Tune in and don’t forget to raise your drink — or your joint — to your favourite film or TV series!

Which nominations were your favourite? Are there any you loved that we didn’t mention? Drop your favourites in the comments!

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