It didn’t work out 🙁

We got to where we are today by being comfortable with failing. So instead of discontinuing our Ratios (as well as our Indica THC Oil and Sativa THC Oil) quietly, we wanted to share a little about their upcoming departure—to reinforce our belief that the things that didn’t work out are an equally important part of the journey as those that did.

As some of you may know, we produce our products here, from our happy home in Vancouver. The production process for Ratios is complex, and requires heavy input from many of our team. The accessible pricing that we felt was sensible to charge for the formulas would only cover our production costs if the volume that we sold was high. Despite many people loving the formulas, we didn’t manage to reach enough of you with our Ratios range and the products have not been profitable since their launch. Although we really strongly believe in both products, their popularity simply was not strong enough to make their production sustainable.

People were telling us we needed to market them differently— to say they had different benefits—to create something that wasn't there. But the Ratio formulations are intentionally simplistic. Minimalistic suspensions of cannabinoids that promote balance and calm—designed to be used in lieu of multiple products.

Letting go of Ratios has been a tough decision to take. Especially difficult since many of us here use and love the products. Our hearts said no, but our heads said yes, and so we will be saying goodbye to our Sativa Oil, Indica Oil, and most of our Ratios—50 CBD : 1 THC, 20 CBD : 1 THC, and 10 CBD : 1 THC—from March 15, 2023 on 3 CBD : 1 THC and 1 CBD : 1 THC will be with us a little longer—until our heads win over our hearts. If you’re looking for true pain management products that support your health span (the length of time that the person is healthy—not just alive) you may want to explore our 3 CBD : 1 THC and 1 CBD : 1 THC Ratios (just don’t fall too in love).

Ratios may return in our more distant future. Until then, we will continue to play in the space we know best—sensibly priced, science-proven supplements and nootropics. And we will always, always celebrate our failures with you.

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