Key takeaways.

  • What pandemic-safe activities can you do when it's sunny out?

    Cannabis and hiking or even using cannabis and then going for a swim!

  • What about when it's colder out?

    Get creative in the kitchen or have a date night in with the lover.

Depending on where you are in the world, you might still be cooped up in your home. If you’re in Canada, you’re lucky enough to be enjoying hard-to-come-by freedoms in this day and age. 

But that doesn’t mean you should forget about the fact that there’s a world-wide pandemic going on. 

You can still have fun with cannabis and be pandemic-safe, and the Gods know people are desperate to have fun after a stressful start to the year.

We’ve compiled these pandemic-safe activities to pair with cannabis. This way, you’ll never run out of ideas for having fun, whether you’re in quarantine or whether you’re just playing it safe in the outside world!

Oh, and don’t forget — no sharing joints during pandemics. If you’re super eager to share, consider buying a jar of glass cone filters to share with your friends. But puff-puff-pass without protection is off the table. Be safe. Use a cone filter.

Hiking and cannabis go hand in hand.

Pandemic Safe Activities to Pair With Cannabis | Culture | My Supply Co.

The skies are getting warmer, summer is approaching, and quarantine has left people indoors for a little too long. Well, if you’re in BC — the most heavily forested part of Canada — there’s no shortage of forest hiking to do. Paired with a joint or your favourite vape cart, you can turn a walk in the park into a funny adventure in the woods.  Or turn it into shin-joku, aka. forest bathing.

Outdoors is a safe place to be right now. You can easily maintain 1.5 m social distancing guidelines if you’re hiking with friends, and there are no large crowds to contend with. Pack a picnic, and get some exercise while you’re at it.

From the pantry.

Super Lemon Haze Vape Cart.

This is the perfect accompaniment to a walk in the forest — especially if you want that walk to be filled with profound conversation. Energetic and social, I’m perfect for the springtime re-introduction into social living.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Vape Cart.

If you’re going to adventure alone in the woods, make sure you take along an Alaskan Thunder Fuck Vape Cart. It’s the perfect companion for days spent lost in thought, contemplating life, or simply basking in nature.

Have an indoor date night.

Pandemic Safe Activities to Pair With Cannabis | Culture | My Supply Co.

Sex feels really good when you’re high. Unless you accidentally take too much, in which case, it can be a psychedelic mess of organs and limbs. But you don’t have to smoke your brains out with your partner to make it a romantic, pandemic-safe date night. There are other ways to use cannabis for sex.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Give your partner a massage with a cannabis-infused massage oil
  • Have a bath with a CBD bath bomb
  • When the deed is done, smoke a joint together and have naked cuddles in front of a movie

If you can’t do date night the way you usually would because all of your favourite places are closed (or limited with space), stay in for the night. Take it as far as you want — candles, dinner, and of course, a romantic night with cannabis. 

From the pantry.

Blueberry Yum Yum.

This CBD bath bomb will relax you and your lover in no-time. There’s something extremely sensual about having a bath with your partner, and this bath bomb adds all of the necessary cannabinoids and aromas to make it extra special.

CBD “Love” Cartridge

Made with CBD, cinnamon and rose essential oils, this cartridge is made for love. It’s the perfect precursor to a night spent together. Enjoy while you’re soaking in the bath together if you’re so inclined!

Go for a swim.

Pandemic Safe Activities to Pair With Cannabis | Culture | My Supply Co.

You could see this as a matter of therapy. We know the swimming holes around Canada aren’t the… warmest. But that’s beside the point. Cannabis goes well with almost anything that engages your physical senses because everything is heightened under the effect of cannabis. Jumping into a cold swimming hole surrounded by forests is the perfect way to wake up your insides.

It’s almost as though, under the effects of cannabis, you’re more receptive to nature. Swimming in natural water and then basking in the sunlight afterwards is a perfect cannabis activity. Plus, it’s also good for your mind and soul.

From the pantry.

Lime Skunk Shatter

Not only is this the perfect accompaniment for a walk (if your swimming hole is a little far), but it’s the perfect energetic strain to get you ready for immersion. Lime Skunk awakens your body and mind in preparation for exciting adventures.

Alien OG

If you need a strain to help you get excited for feeling cold and fresh, Alien OG is your friend. This strain is extremely psychedelic — the perfect ingredient for a natural adventure. But be mindful, Alien OG’s indica tendencies can make you feel a little lazy, so make sure there’s no long walk back to the car or back home.

Get creative in the kitchen.

Pandemic Safe Activities to Pair With Cannabis | Culture | My Supply Co.

If you’re in quarantine or working from home, it’s not like you have anywhere to be tomorrow, right? So why not turn your boring Tuesday night into a cannabis cooking spectacle? You can add cannabis to your entree, to the main meal, and even to dessert. Present it to your partner or your friends as a cannabis-infused dinner party. Or enjoy it alone if it’s just too good to share.

You can consider these ideas:

  • Make some cannabutter and bake a cannabis cake
  • Drizzle THC oil over the salad
  • Drizzle home-made cannabutter over pasta
  • Use fresh cannabis leaves to make some pesto (if you grow your own cannabis or have friends who can share some fresh leaves)
  • Put THC-honey over your ice cream or in your hot chocolate

Think about the kinds of things that pair well with the kind of cannabis you’re using. If you’re cooking up a canna-storm for lunch, use Sativa strains to keep you energized throughout the day. If you’re cooking up dinner, consider using indica strains so that you can sleep soundly afterwards! 

From the pantry.

THC Medicated Honey.

Isn’t honey the perfect sweetener for dessert or hot chocolate? Now you can have your honey and eat it too — because it’s loaded with THC. Use this honey to complement your cannabis dinner (honey soy chicken or homemade teriyaki sauce?), or drizzle it on top of dessert for an extra punch.

Indica 1:1 Oil Drops

Indica 1:1 Oil Drops are the perfect way to add some cannabis to your night-time meals. Don’t cook in this oil, as you’ll damage the cannabinoids. But add a few drops (or more) to your salad dressing, drizzle over your pasta, or mix it in with some milk for a night-time hot chocolate.

Stay safe.

We know it’s an awkward time to be alive. But you can still have fun, even when the world is in pandemic status. Just remember to be safe, enjoy activities that don’t involve large crowds, and whatever you do — do not Puff Puff Pass without protection!

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