• What does smoking cannabis during a shroom trip do?

    It can either intensify the experience, reduce nausea, or it can help you relax into the experience and have less resistance to ego death.

  • What's the low-down on how to use cannabis while tripping on shrooms?

    Right before a trip, cannabis might help to reduce nausea. As soon as you take the mushrooms, smoking a joint might help you relax a little into the experience. And during the peak, it can intensify the experience.

  • How do you handle a bad reaction?

    Breathe; try to relax; remember you're not dying. The more composed you can stay, the better you'll be able to turn the whole thing around.

Cannabis and shrooms — arguably the most common poly-drug cocktail that exists. And there are a lot of anecdotal reports that smoking cannabis while tripping on shrooms potentiates the journey. But is a more-intense journey what everybody wants? Just because a joint is being passed around during a magic mushroom trip, does that mean you should accept it?

When you smoke cannabis during a mushroom trip is also a factor. You can use cannabis before, during or after a journey, and depending on where in the journey you decide to introduce cannabis, the effect can be totally different. 

It goes without saying — if you’re a newbie to either mushrooms or cannabis, do yourself a favour and don’t cocktail. Firstly, it will be hard to understand which effects come from mushrooms and which ones come from cannabis. And secondly, you might be signing yourself up for a too-intense experience that will leave you with a sour taste in your mouth (which neither you, nor any mushroom/cannabis advocate wants).

So before you smoke cannabis while tripping on shrooms, read this informational article about the effects, and when is the best time to use cannabis in a mushroom journey.

Cannabis can help reduce nausea associated with shrooms.

Everything You Need to Know About Smoking Cannabis While Tripping on Shrooms | Cannabis 101 | My Supply Co.

A number of anecdotal reports on Reddit and Shroomery that suggest that using cannabis can help to reduce the nausea associated with shrooms. For a lot of mushroom users, the upset belly can really impede on the experience, making it less pleasurable.

Cannabis is a common therapy for nausea, so it’s no real surprise that it helps to reduce a mushroom-induced upset belly. Most of the anecdotal reports suggest using cannabis as soon as you take the shrooms so that during the come-up, you’re protected from nausea.

There are other ways to reduce nausea on shrooms such as making mushroom tea or using the lemon-tek method. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to use the lemon-tek or tea as a means of reducing nausea instead of introducing another psychedelic substance.

Cannabis during the peak intensifies a magic mushroom trip. 

Other users claim that using cannabis at the peak of a magic mushroom trip (around 2 hours in) intensifies the trip. Users have reported intensified auditory and visual hallucinations and increased physical sensations. 

For seasoned users, this could be an interesting experiment. Obviously we don’t recommend this for inexperienced users. Be really mindful about the importance of set and setting and the kind of preparation you should do before a mushroom journey, especially if you plan on intensifying it with cannabis.

A more intense experience isn’t always a better one; keep that in tow when deciding to use cannabis at the height of a mushroom journey.

Cannabis might relax you into the mushroom experience.

Everything You Need to Know About Smoking Cannabis While Tripping on Shrooms | Cannabis 101 | My Supply Co.

Using cannabis to relax yourself into a mushroom experience is another way to look at things. Those who use cannabis at the beginning of a mushroom journey report that it helps them relax, be more open, and be less resistant to the ego death phenomenon.

That’s another way of saying that cannabis might help you feel your way into the kind of God experience that mushroom users talk about.

Is that always the case? Well, probably not. Depending on who you are and how you handle cannabis, it might not have this effect at all. For some people, cannabis is a stimulant that gets the mind racing with ideas. This isn’t exactly conducive to relaxation.

Then again, the strain could be an important factor. High CBD strains are more associated with balance and relaxation than high THC strains, so that’s something you might want to consider if you’ll be using cannabis and shrooms for this purpose. 

Handling a bad reaction. 

Everything You Need to Know About Smoking Cannabis While Tripping on Shrooms | Cannabis 101 | My Supply Co.

So, what happens if you planned an astral travelling adventure with cannabis and shrooms but it all goes sour? The first step is to relax. 

There is, unfortunately, no “undoing” what you did. You can’t “un-take” all those shrooms and cannabis, so instead of trying to stop yourself from feeling what you’re feeling, you have to buckle up, breathe, and get through it.

Hopefully you’re reading this before you experiment with smoking cannabis while tripping on shrooms. You have to remember to remind yourself that you’re not dying and that this too, shall pass.

Some magic mushroom experiences are scary and uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad for you. If you can patiently experience what you’re going through, you can “reframe” a bad trip into a really powerful, enlightening experience about your own psyche. 

To mitigate having a bad reaction, be in the right place, and take shrooms and cannabis together at the right time. We have detailed articles on how to correctly prepare for a psychedelic journey and how to integrate a journey post-dose. We recommend reading these before embarking on a cannabis-shroom cocktail.

Have you ever smoked cannabis while tripping on shrooms? At what point in the journey did you do it? Let us know your experience in the comments!

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