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What is My Supply Co.?

We're a small team on a mission to make weed make sense – and along the way, we're championing a more human way to work.

My Supply Co. was started in 2019 as a simple way to buy your weed online. We're founded on the principle of doing everything others don't do and we are changing the world of cannabis based on this principle. Today we're a growing humble and happy umbrella of good brands now serving thousands of customers across Canada.

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Where will I work?

Half of the My Supply Co. team is fully remote and spread across the whole planet, while the other half works right out of our office in Vancouver, British Columbia. We have Supply Gurus in 4 countries, 4 timezones, and 4 cities (and counting!). As a member of our team, you will be invited to work wherever you're happiest and most productive.

What is the My Supply Co. team like?

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity begins at the top. Two of our three founding members and 4 out of every 5 employees at My Supply Co. are BIPOC.

Inclusion comes from open interactions with people who think differently than us. It comes from teams that collaborate across disciplines, identities, and cultures across the globe. Inclusion and diversity are not just words on paper, they are part of our core values.

What kind of people work at My Supply Co.? All kinds! We hire talented teammates from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and we're committed to a work environment of respect and kindness.

My Supply Co. is an equal opportunity employer that has the awesome opportunity to add teammates from anywhere in Canada — and sometimes the world! We're united by My Supply Co.'s values, and we celebrate our unique differences.

Grow with My Supply Co.

Full Stack Developer

We are looking for someone with a strong and awesome personality. Having a good attitude, being open-minded, and showing up with an optimistic growth mindset are key to fitting in here.

// About you.

Churning out fluff is easy, making an impact is hard work. So if you can honestly say yes to the questions below, read on and see if you're a fit.

  • Would you place a bet on your own ability to move the needle?
  • Do you have the vision to build engaging brand experiences?
  • Are you willing to fail, but grow beyond that failure to achieve something awesome?
  • Can you be accountable for and communicate the value of shipping a feature and the return on investment from it?
  • Can you be proactive and work with intent in this world full of distractions?

We are looking for someone who has experience in startups or has a founder mentality. This means solving problems across the board through creative thinking. The ability to tackle large problems calmly and effectively.

// Primary responsibilities.

  • Creating, managing, and training our team on version management.
  • Spending time being a creative thinker and using that time to create better systems for our business and our client’s businesses
  • Coming up with customer-centric solutions to help create a better user experience and ultimately increase conversion rates and KPIs across the board
  • Building responsive web pages (landing pages, funnels, e-commerce templates, and web apps) from mockups/wireframes
  • Building custom WordPress/WooCommerce plugins
  • Integrating and debugging existing plugins
  • Extending the functionality of existing plugins
  • Creating, managing, and hooking into APIs

// Basic skill requirements.

  • Highly skilled with PHP and REST
  • Perfected the basics of HTML5 / CSS + SCSS
  • Skilled and love working with JavaScript ES6+, JQuery, AJAX, XHR
  • Proficient in SQL
  • Best practices for versioning and Github

// Current stack.

The WordPress / WooCommerce ecosystem is our current bread and butter, and the heart of our stack reflects its core languages:

  • HTML5 / CSS / SCSS
  • JavaScript ES6+, JQuery, AJAX, XHR
  • SQL
  • Github
  • JS Animation Libraries: Greensock / Lottie / Scrollmagic

As we grow, we will be expanding our stack to reflect our offerings. We already have our eye on some new technologies and are just waiting for the chance to create with them.

// Future stack and nice-to-haves.

  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Headless CMS

// Compensation and benefits.

  • ? Competitive salary: Up to $5,000 per month.
  • ? 'Growth mindset' fund: Up to $4,000 for learning and development.
  • ? Work remotely: Live and work wherever you like! Role can be fully remote work after the initial training period.

If you’ve read this far and feel like this position might be for you, send us your resume and a cover letter to [email protected] with the job title in the subject telling us what makes you a legend.

If you feel like any of these positions might be for you, send us your resume and a cover letter to [email protected] telling us what makes you a legend. Don't forget to include the position you're applying for. ?