Arouse Herbal Smoking Blend

16g per bag

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I'm the smoking blend that's perfect for setting the mood—whether that's alone or with someone. With Damiana and Lady's Mantle, I'm arousing, while Passionflower and Catnip make me just as relaxing as the cannabis you plan to mix me with. It's better to keep cannabis dosage on the low side on romantic evenings, so mixing me in is the perfect way to avoid using too much. Spicy and smooth, I'm the perfect smoking blend for the romantic kind.

I'm for those who like to microdose their cannabis or smoke in smaller amounts but don't want to mix with tobacco. I'm tasty, friendly on the lungs, and a perfect way to smoke a milder dose or make that bag last a little longer.

Bouquet: Floral, Woodsy, Warm

Tasting notes: Smooth, mildly spicy, with hints of malt and smoky citrus

16g per bag

Use anytime you want to connect.

Set the mood with this sensual blend. Embrace pleasure with the support of herbs like Lavender, Red Raspberry, and Damiana, known for their ability to promote circulation and improve sensitivity.

Best cannabis match: We recommend matching the Ouid Arouse Smoking Blend with Hybrid cannabis varieties that are better suited to sex and romantic activities.

How to use: Simply mix with your desired amount of chopped cannabis. Can be smoked in a joint, bong, or pipe.

Red Raspberry Leaf, Damiana, Lavender, Catnip, Calendula, Lady’s Mantle, Passionflower


  • Limonene: Traditionally used to energize.
  • Linalool: Thought to reduce anxiety and induce sleep.

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Microdose cannabis. Macrodose love.

You have a romantic evening planned with a new flame and you're excited to share some quality time.

But you're also conscious that when you smoke too much, that sexy spark seems to fizzle out. When your lover arrives, you mix a tiny amount of your favorite cannabis strain with Arouse Smoking Blend. You smoke together, filling the room with herbal aromas. As you get close, you smell the herbs all over your partner and that further arouses your senses. You feel as though you microdosed your weed, but you macrodosed everything else.

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