Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushroom

0.63% psilocybin + 0.6% psilocin

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I get my name from the long, wiry-legged spider because that's exactly what my stalks look like. My tops resemble the Golden Teacher but I grow abundantly in the Fraser Valley in Canada. You could say I'm a native. I'm comparable to the effects of B+ Magic Mushrooms, being mildly potent — but not quite as potent as Blue Meanies. I'm fun and exploratory and not too heavy handed with the astral travelling. I'm perfect to enjoy in nature and am the perfect microdosing variety of magic mushrooms.

The Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms are for any mushroom user, seasoned or novice, who likes a more balanced and euphoric mushroom experience.

Long-term effects of a single large dose of psilocybin are clinically studied to:*

  • produce immediate, substantial, and sustained improvements in anxiety, depression, and addiction
  • increase global functional brain connectivity
  • awaken spirit, mood, creativity, confidence, and sense of well-being
  • promote calm alertness, mental stamina, and cognitive flexibility
  • improve learning and memory function
  • reduce mental and emotional fatigue


  • Raw: Eat them raw out of the bag. This way, you get all the tastes associated with mushrooms. At higher doses there can be some nausea involved.
  • Brew a tea: Put your desired dose in 1–1.5 cups of water and boil for 10 minutes. If you wish, you can add other delicious herbs to make it more palatable such as putting the mushrooms in a chai tea blend. Comes on faster than eating raw mushrooms and reportedly less nausea.
  • Lemon tek: Grind your desired dose into a powder and put in a small cup or bowl. Add the juice of 1–2 lemons until the mushrooms are covered in lemon juice. Let them sit for 15–20 minutes. Consume in its entirety. Comes on fastest, strongest, and reportedly significantly less nausea.

Doses best used for:

  • 0-0.25g: A microdose; very subtle psychedelic effects; may experience mood enhancement, reduced anxiety, improved mental alertness and improve energy levels.
  • 0.25-0.5g: A step up; more pronounced psychedelic effects; may experience altered coordination and motor control, altered vision and mood, increased energy, the giggles, revelatory thoughts, ideas, and pattern recognition.
  • 0.5-1g: A psychoactive experience; pronounced and obvious psychedelic effects; may experience altered vision, emotions, and mood, could be a significant alteration of motor control, impaired coordination, super-human-music-making abilities, absurd humour, and a desire to engage oneself in artistic endeavours.
  • 1g+: Everything above 1g is a bonafide psychedelic experience. 7g is Terrence Mckenna’s heroic dose. From here on in, anything is possible.

Note: Doses and effects vary from person to person. If you have never used mushrooms before, it’s best to start on the smallest dose possible for the desired effect and slowly increase from there.

  • Species: Psilocybe cubensis
  • Strain: Daddy Long Legs
  • Psilocybin: 0.63%-0.7%
  • Psilocin: ~0.6%

Spin universes like a spider spins webs.

You're sitting around with your partner, wondering how to spend a quiet night in.

You both agree magic mushrooms are the way to pass this winter evening. You start with 2 grams each and as the effects come on, you both reach for your instruments. You slip into a romantic flow of music-making with your partner until it feels like you're spinning universes together with your tunes. It feels good to be at the center of creation.

Life is full of unknowns.

Our products aren't. If you have any questions, we’re here: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are our Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms sourced?

All of our Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms are grown right here, under the watchful eye of professional mushroom cultivators. They are never picked in the wild. All of our mushrooms are carefully selected strains and varieties grown in controlled conditions.

What species are Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms?

Daddy Long Legs are Psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms.

Are Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms strong?

Most of the species we carry are Psilocybe cubensis. But each variety looks a little different and has slightly different growing conditions. Some people say “all cubes are cubes” (all cubensis are cubensis), but we think Daddy Long Legs strain are a pretty mild variety of magic mushroom strain. They’re full of the fun stuff but not too strong when it comes to ego death. However, always be aware that the more you take, the stronger the experience will be. Daddy Long Legs are appropriate for beginners and seasoned magic mushroom users.

What are some commonly reported effects of Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms?

The most common reports of Daddy Long Legs are similar to those of B+ magic mushrooms. The effects are typical of a psychedelic mushroom macrodose (1g or more) such as trippy visuals, physical sensations, altered thinking and emotional states. Most users recommend using Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms in nature or for quiet, meditative experiences.

Can you use Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms for microdosing?

Yes - you can use any variety of our bulk mushrooms for microdosing. However, you will need precision scales to measure out precise, minute doses. A microdose can start as low as 0.025g and be as much as 0.1g. For more information on microdosing, check out our ultimate guide to magic mushroom microdosing:

How do you store your Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms?

The best way to store your magic mushrooms is to put them in a tightly sealed mason jar with a food-grade silica pack. This keeps your shrooms dry and away from any bacteria or fungus. Then, store the jar in a dark cupboard. They’ll stay good this way for up to 1 year before they start to lose potency.

Can you use Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms to treat a medical condition?

There’s still no completely solid evidence that magic mushrooms can be used to treat medical conditions. However, there is ongoing research into if and how magic mushrooms might be able to treat depression, anxiety, traumatic brain diseases, and PTSD. If you are looking to use magic mushrooms as alternative therapy, you should consult your physician for the best possible course of action.

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