Delta-8 THC, CBDFlavour, Hemp

2:1 Orange Crush Relief Vape Cartridge

600mg broad spectrum CBD oil + 300mg delta-8 THC oil per ml


Stress? You don’t know her.

Imagine this

It’s one of those WFH days. You close your laptop and stretch your back out from the hunched-over position you’ve been in all day, an orchestra of snaps, crackles, and pops greeting you as your spine realigns itself. A thick meal, decadent dessert, and Rick and Morty episode later you slide into bed. Incense burning, you tune into your favourite chill-the-f*ck-out beats and contentedly thread Delush’s Relief Vape Cartridge onto a battery, this you’re feeling Orange Crush. As you puff, the warm, gentle tide of CBD and Delta-8 THC’s blissful euphoria washes over you, releasing anandamide and rebalancing your overactive nervous system. Music, mind, and mattress become one. Relief never tasted so sweet.

The 2:1 Orange Crush Relief Vape Cartridge is for any cannabis user, seasoned or novice, who likes the euphoria and bliss of CBD and Delta-8 THC without the intoxication of Delta-9 THC (A.K.A. THC).

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Note: Delta-8 THC is not the same as Delta-9 THC. Delta-8 is a cannabis compound that has become popular because of its similarity to Delta-9 THC, the main compound in cannabis that gets you high, causing euphoria, happiness, sedation, symptom relief, and much more. However, Delta-9 THC is considerably more potent than Delta 8. Delta-8 THC can cause effects similar to regular delta-9 THC — but they will be much less potent.

About me

Not to brag, but I'm the perfect addition to any routine. I'm loaded with CBD and Delta-8 THC, but without any of the intoxicating effects of my cousin Delta-9 THC, who usually just goes by "THC". Don't get me wrong, though — I am psychoactive. But you can think of me as a much more chill version than Mr. I'm-so-popular-half-of-Canada-wants-me THC. And while some people get anxious when they use my cousin, I induce a euphoric high that reduces stress and anxiety. I'm perfect for any day where you need a bit of extra chill, and any evening you need to quiet your monkey mind.


🌱 Non-GMO.

🌱 All-natural, botanically-derived ingredients.

🇨🇦 Locally grown cannabis, manufactured in Canada.

Animal products and byproducts

🐰 Cruelty-free, zero animal testing.

🐮 Vegan; no animal-derived ingredients including gelatin, fats, oils, and musks.

Health and environmental concerns

☣️ Free of solvents, toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides.

🧪 Independently lab-tested for purity & potency.

🛢️ Free of VG, PG, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E.

How to use

Time of day: Mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Best used in: A standard 510 battery thread or a Kloud 9 Vape Battery.

Best recreational uses: After exercising or outdoor activities; feeling euphoric and relaxed; taking long baths; self-indulgence; and cuddly moments.

Best medicinal uses: Anxiety relief; daytime, afternoon, nighttime and pain management; creating a sense of bliss; increasing sensory perception; enhancing appreciation for life; reducing depression and anxiety; soothing and reducing pain and inflammation; as an anti-emetic to inhibit nausea.

Product details

  • Puffs: ~100 - 150
  • Strain: Hemp
  • CBD: 600mg broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Delta-8 THC: 300mg Delta-8 THC oil
  • THC: 0mg
  • Flavour and aroma: Citrus, fruity, Crush soda-esque
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A My Supply Co. Customer
I recommend this product

Smooth & it!

Love this orange crush-esque cartridge!! I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth it was upon initial inhale. I enjoy it every day and always sure to bring it with me for a night out with my friends. They've enjoyed a few puffs from it as well. I'll definitely be re-ordering.

  • Wellness Concern: AnxietySleepMoodEnergyFocus
  • Age Range: 25 - 34
My Supply Co. 2:1 Orange Crush Relief Vape Cartridge Review
Sandra S.
I recommend this product

Absolutely in love with this…!!!!

I bought for my pain and it works amazing! Every time I get low I look for one at pot shops that is similar and no luck! Perfect balance of CBD and THC for me I do not smoke normally but thought I’d try and man… in love..

  • Wellness Concern Pain
  • Age Range (Optional) 35 - 44
My Supply Co. 2:1 Orange Crush Relief Vape Cartridge Review