Indica Shatter

80% - 90% full spectrum THC per gram

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Like a hug from your favorite sweater.

I'm like the new, mysterious kid at school, so people are afraid to get close at first. But once I'm in, I'm an instant hit. Not for some debilitating high, but for the most blissful haze. I take you to places of intellectual curiosity and creativity. My potently Indica genetics make me a relaxing, sedating kind of high. But not overwhelmingly so—more of a comfortable, carefree toastiness that can help reduce stress and anxiety and numb pain. I'm the perfect evening dessert instead of after-work drinks or a relaxing night cap.

Size: 1 gram

THC: 80–90%

Notes: Pine, Spice, Musk, Grapefruit

Best recreational uses: winding down, Netflix 'n chill, getting the giggles, feeling very, very relaxed, and lazy nights spent in front of the fire.

Best medicinal uses: inducing sleep, managing chronic pain, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing the appetite, alleviating feelings of depression, and relieving inflammation.

Best used in a dabbing rig or sprinkled on top of a joint.

How to dab:

  1. Heat the nail with the torch until the quartz nail or banger is glowing red. If you are using an e-nail, input your desired temperature and wait until the device heats up the nail.
  2. Wait 30-60 seconds for the nail to cool down to around 300–450ºF (149–232ºC) to get the most flavour out of your concentrate.
  3. Place the concentrate on the surface of the nail and slowly start to inhale the vapor.
  4. Place a carb cap on the nail or banger while inhaling to trap all of the heat in the nail and ensure you get the most out of your experience. When you're ready to clear all the vapor out of the rig, lift the carb cap.
  5. Exhale the vapor immediately after inhaling the vapor.

Genetics: Indica (80% Indica / 20% Sativa)


  • D-Limonene: Shown to relieve anxiety; traditionally used to uplift and energize
  • Linalool: Traditionally used to calm anxiety and induce sleep
  • β-Caryophyllene: Thought to be neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and analgesic

Toke your way to a new level of chill.

It's Friday. You're chilling with some friends in front of the fireplace, listening to tunes and catching up.

The mood is chill, so you share your dabbing rig. It's got MSC's Indica Shatter — just the right kind of chill. As each of you toke, the music becomes the center of attention. You each take turns getting deep and meaningful, while enjoying the tunes and the haze.

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