Moby Dick Sativa

AA+, 15% - 21% THC


Take a trip down psychedelia lane.

Why we chose this

It’s the afternoon, and the first time you’ve had a day off work or school in a while. There’s no washing to do, no cleaning, no cooking, no chores. There are a lot of ideas brewing in your head about how to spend your day off. You open your stash to see what’s inside. Ah, yes — there’s Moby Dick. You pack your pipe and start puffing. You let your mind adventure to thoughtful places you haven’t been to in a while. Yes, today will be all about you, dear friend.

Moby Dick is for the seasoned cannabis user who knows how to navigate a serious cerebral high.

THC: 15 - 21%

CBD: < 1%



About me

I'm the king of psychedelia. My mother, White Widow, is known for her power, while my father, Haze, is known for his cerebral stimulation. So you can only imagine the power of cerebral stimulation that I hold in my buds and resinous trichomes. I'm not for the weak-hearted, but for those who like an adventure into the inner workings of the mind. I'm for the traveler and the wanderer, and those who aren't afraid to get a little bit lost. I might take you up fast and hard, but I let you down easy into a soft, sweet aftermath.

How to use:

Time of day: Mornings, afternoons, or early evenings.

Best used in: A dry herb vaporizer, joint, pipe, or bong.

Best recreational uses: Philosophical ponderings, listening to music or podcasts, trippy movies and TV shows, and quirky adventures with friends.

Best medicinal uses: Depression, creative block, increasing attention and focus, and reducing fatigue.

Product details

  • Strain: 75% sativa, 25% indica
  • THC: 15 - 21%
  • CBD: < 1%
  • Terpenes
      • Linalool: Used by aromatherapists to calm anxiety and induce sleep
      • Limonene: Used by aromatherapists to energize
      • Caryophyllene: Thought to be analgesic and neuroprotective
      • Humulene: Traditionally used as a sedative and analgesic agent
  • Flavour and aroma: Piney, citrusy, spicy
  • Smoke aroma: Citrusy, earthy, spicy, hazy
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I recommend this product

Price and Quality On Point

Product was fresh when opened and the smell was immaculate. Perfect for a wake-and-bake any day of the week. Felt an energized buzz that didn’t make me feel sleepy afterwards, whereas some sativa strains do.

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I recommend this product

Just bliss

Moby **** is an amazing sativa. It's also high in THCV, which is appetite suppressing and energizing so the high it delivers is unique to say the least. This was one of my favourite strains back when I was all about sativas. I couldn't find it for the longest time, so when I found it at My Supply Co. I was so excited, I immediately bought a quarter. The high is strong and immediate, with no jittery paranoia that sativas started to give me as life got a bit more stressful. Just pure, uncut bliss. Kind of a sweet, candy-like flavour. Think toffee and vanilla. When it comes to my favourite sativas and sativa-dominant hybrids, it's a 3-way tie between Moby ****, Sour Lemon OG, and Blue Dream.

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  • How would you rate your experience level with cannabis? InexperiencedVery experienced
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


wow this stuff is strong. this is the best deal anywhere by the ounce and got me super high

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

this is a steal of a deal

this bud gets you ripped. nugs are bigger than i was expecting and you dont need a lot to get you super high. awesome deal when on sale

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Great Value for the Price

It definitely doesn't compare to the higher quality strains that mySupply has to offer. But my wife and I enjoyed it thoroughly enough when we had to budget for the month.