Relax Herbal Smoking Blend

16g per bag


Float on through.

Why we chose this.

Saturday morning has rolled around and you feel excited about your opportunity to do nothing at all. You bask in the morning sun that comes through your window before rolling out of bed to make a coffee. With your morning coffee, you pack a small one-hitter with a mix of your favourite cannabis and your Relax Smoking Blend. You sip your coffee, enjoying the mild effects of the cannabis and herbal blend you’ve just inhaled. You’re floating — and you’re ready to float through the whole weekend.

The Relax Smoking Blend is for any cannabis user, seasoned or novice, especially the one who likes to use cannabis to relax and unwind.

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About me

I'm for the weekend and evening cannabis user who loves nothing more from their smoke than to relax. If you're open to the relaxing potential of herbs other than cannabis, I make a tasty and smooth addition to your smoking blend — whether that's a joint, pipe, or bong. I'm perfectly matched with a calming indica variety and enjoyed before bed or on days off. I have earthy, herbaceous flavours that feel grounding and Zen to the max.

How to use

Best cannabis match: We recommend pairing the Relax Herbal Smoking Blend with an indica strain or indica-dominant hybrid for an ultimately relaxing experience.

How to use: Simply mix a small amount of your favourite cannabis with a small amount of the Relax Herbal Smoking Blend. Can be consumed in a joint, pipe, or bong.

Product details

  • Volume: 16g per bag
  • Ingredients: Catnip, marshmallow, mugwort, skullcap, lemon balm.