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Boost brain health and performance while alleviating the emotional, mental, hormonal, and physical manifestations of stress. Our 3 best-selling microdose formulas promote vital brain and body chemistry for energy, mood, brain, sleep, immune, sex, and beauty benefits.

Stress, toxins, diet, and lack of sleep can impact mood, brain, hormones, skin, gut, and immunity. Ten clinically studied ingredients work synergistically to mitigate stress chemistry and restore balance across several major neurological systems. Psilocybin Mushrooms, Adaptogens, Superfoods, and Vitamins deliver critical nutrients to enhance cognitive function, bring you back to homeostasis, support a healthy immune response, upregulate the production of key neurotransmitters and BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), and neutralize free radicals and oxidative stress.

Backed by Science. Informed by Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ancient Egyptian Medicine.

Designed to be taken together for proactive care and acute recovery. Commit for life-changing results.

30 caps per Stack
25mg Psilocybin cubensis per cap

Brain Stack helps:

  • promote calm alertness and concentration
  • promote mental stamina and clarity
  • improve learning and memory function
  • support speedy processing
  • reduce physical, mental and emotional fatigue
  • boost energy and mood
  • protect from oxidative stress
  • control stress-related weight gain
  • promote healthy blood flow
  • relieve anxiety and depression
  • improve sleep quality
  • stimulate neurogenesis, the growth of new nerve cells from your own stem cells
  • enhance neuroplasticity, your nervous system’s ability to reorganize your nerve pathways
  • amplify synaptoplasticity, making new synaptic connections by encouraging them to connect with nearby nerve cells
  • reverse or slow cognitive aging processes

Energy Stack helps:

  • Metabolism: converts fat, protein, and carbs into cellular currency
  • Vitality: increases resistance to fatigue and improves recovery. Supports lung capacity, cardiovascular function, and a healthy immune response
  • Energy: promotes stamina and muscle recovery. Powers physical endurance, enhances performance, rejuvenates energy
  • Mood: supports healthy serotonin activity, optimal brain function, and short-term memory

Immune Stack helps:

  • support healthy immunity, cardiovascular function, and lung capacity
  • activate cells for a quick response
  • neutralize free radicals
  • balance an overactive immune system
  • support the body during periods of stress
  • rejuvenate energy and promote muscle recovery
  • increase resistance to fatigue
  • promote calm alertness and concentration
  • promote mental stamina and clarity
  • improve learning and memory function
  • stimulate the growth of new brain cells
  • support hormonal balance
  • restore your circadian rhythms (biological clock) to reduce fatigue and support the sleep-wake cycle
  • increase libido and fertility in both men and women

Our microdose supplements were made to be taken together, daily. Highly bioavailable, so you won't pee them out. Doses are research-backed for safety and synergistic effects. Synergy means that when taken together, benefits are amplified.

If you wish to follow the Stamets Protocol, take 1–4 caps together for 4 consecutive days. Follow this by 3 days without a microdose. Repeat.

To combine, take 1 cap each. If 3 caps is too much, cycle between each Stack on your microdosing days. For example:

Option 1:

  • Day 1: 2 caps Brain Stack
  • Day 2: 2 caps Immune Stack
  • Day 3: 2 caps Energy Stack
  • Day 4: Repeat

Option 2:

  • Day 1: 1 cap Brain Stack, 1 cap Energy Stack
  • Day 2: 1 cap Energy Stack, 1 cap Immune Stack
  • Day 3: 1 cap Immune Stack, 1 cap Brain Stack
  • Day 4: Repeat

Because our Stacks contain Niacin (Vitamin B3), which promotes metabolism and energy production, it's recommended that you take them in the morning.

Refer to the image gallery for other popular microdosing schedules, or this article for a comprehensive guide to microdosing.

Stacks are not designed as a way to consume large amounts of psilocybin.

Brain Stack
Organic Psilocybe Cubensis, Organic Lion's Mane Extract, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Sage, Naturally-derived Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Energy Stack
Organic Psilocybe Cubensis, Organic Cordyceps Extract, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Peppermint Extract, Organic Arabica Coffee Bean, Naturally-derived Vitamin B3

Immune Stack
Organic Psilocybe Cubensis, Organic Chaga Extract, Organic Cordyceps Extract, Organic Turmeric, Organic Cinnamon, Naturally-derived Vitamin B3 (Niacin)


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Cruelty-Free Icon Cruelty-Free
Gluten-Free Icon Gluten-Free
Keto-Friendly Icon Keto-Friendly
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Inside Unstress Stacks → The Trinity

Organic Arabica Coffee Bean

Form: Ground coffee bean powder, certified Canadian Organic and USDA Organic.

Benefit: Low-caffeine (<0.3mg per dose) stim rich in phenolics, a potent class of antioxidants that reduce the effects of oxidative stress.

Organic Chaga

Form: Patented extraction from certified organic Chaga fruiting bodies, standardized to >24% 1,3 and 1,6 beta-glucans.

Benefit: Powerful antioxidant. Supports a healthy immune system and reduces inflammation. Enhances skin health and appearance, and protects skin and hair from sun damage.

Organic Cinnamon

Form: Ground powder, certified Canadian Organic , USDA Organic, and Ecocert Canada.

Benefit: Studied to improve attention and memory, reduce fatigue, decrease inflammation and oxidative stress, increase brain blood circulation, and advance tissue regeneration.

Organic Cordyceps

Form: Patented extraction from certified organic Cordyceps fruiting bodies, standardized to >1% Cordycepin and >25% 1,3 and 1,6 beta-glucans.

Benefit: Traditionally used to sustain energy and stamina, and support healthy lung capacity.

Organic Lion's Mane

Form: Patented extraction from certified organic Lion's Mane fruiting bodies, standardized to >25% 1,3 and 1,6 beta-glucans.

Benefit: Known to be neuroprotective and repair nerve damage. Studied to enhance mood, decrease anxiety and improve cognition, sleep quality, and immunity.. Studied to enhance mood, decrease anxiety and improves sleep quality, cognition, and immunity.

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Kim S.
I recommend this product

Just waking up at 35...👀

I honestly don't even know where to begin and it's only been two weeks - so I'm attempting to not get too far ahead of myself. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult after a lifetime of hidden difficulties. I was on antidepressants, anti-anxieties & have self medicated as long as I can remember with coffee and ****. I knew that traditional remedies weren't for me and have been off of big pharma for a few years but my depression and anxiety has been cyclical and a constant feeling of spinning my tires had left me feeling scared of the future. I continued to self medicate with **** & coffee. After two weeks of micro-dosing I'm feeling so evenly focused and able to be kinder to myself and my journey. This experience allows my senses to feel at ease for the first time in my whole life which allows me to process and enjoy the mundane daily steps to build my best self. I don't feel high, or medicated but just able to approach everything with a new head space. I am 16 days off THC & without intent have completely stopped drinking coffee. The energy provided by Brain Stack is even, consistent and non jittery. It truly sounds too good to be true and I could gush forever. I can't wait to see where this takes me over time. Thank you!!

  • Wellness Concern: AnxietyMoodFocus
  • Age Range: 25 - 34
A My Supply Co. Customer
Jihad H.
I recommend this product

True to its name

I've noticed a remarkable difference in my mood, focus, and well-being this winter - which is a miracle. I was born and raised in a hot and sunny country surrounded by sand and beach. When I moved to Canada I knew the winters would be bad, but figured it would get better over time. Wrong! They only seemed to get worse. I started taking Vitality Stack last summer and when winter hit, it still ******, but I wasn't procrastinating or feeling constantly bummed out as usual. I felt ALIVE and actually felt like doing things, seeing people, and having new winter experiences. Even my hair and skin seemed better off? I absolutely recommend this and will be buying again ASAP.

  • Wellness Concern: AnxietySleepMoodEnergyFocus
  • Age Range: 25 - 34
My Supply Co. Unstress Stacks → The Trinity Review
A My Supply Co. Customer
Kailee P.
I recommend this product

Energy Stack Microdose Mushroom Caps

Starting taking these capsules to help with ADHD symptoms and I found it really makes a difference. Generally in a better mood on microdose days, lifted mood.

  • Wellness Concern: MoodEnergyFocus
  • Age Range: 35 - 44
I recommend this product

Better then I thought

After 2 cycles I noticed a dramatic change in my body waking up in the morning. Waking up with energy and focus instead of feeling my sleep tagging along into my afternoon.

  • Which benefits or effects did you experience? (Choose as many as you like) More calm and adaptable to stressImproved cognitionDecreased anxiety
  • Wellness Concern (Choose as many as you like) AnxietyEnergyFocus
  • Age Range (Optional)
I recommend this product

Worth Every Penny

With regular use I recognized sustained increased energy levels, increased productivity, and a generally higher mood. I highly recommend these. Like, potentially life changing.

  • Which benefits or effects did you experience? (Choose as many as you like) Improved cognitionDecreased anxietyDecreased depression
  • Wellness Concern (Choose as many as you like) AnxietyMoodEnergy
  • Age Range (Optional) 35 - 44