Calyx Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Calyx Wellness products made?

Calyx Wellness is based in Toronto, Canada. All products are manufactured in Toronto and only use locally grown, Canadian cannabis.

Where does Calyx Wellness obtain its CBD?

Calyx Wellness obtains its CBD from local CBD manufacturers. The CBD isolate and extracts used in Calyx Wellness products are made from hemp plants using CO2 extraction, as opposed to solvent extraction. This means that there’s never any residual solvent left in the cannabis extracts and oils. All the cannabis extracts used in Calyx Wellness products are tested for purity and must be above 99% pure CBD.

Do Calyx Wellness products contain THC?

No - Calyx Wellness works exclusively with CBD. All Calyx Wellness products are made with CBD isolate which is completely free of THC. All tinctures, bath products, and body creams are CBD only.

Are Calyx Wellness products vegan?

Yes - the entire line of Calyx Wellness products is completely vegan. Even the capsules are made using vegan, cellulose capsules. All Calyx Wellness products are appropriate for vegans or those avoiding animal products.

Which carrier agents are used in Calyx Wellness products?

Calyx Wellness uses grapeseed oil and MCT (medium chain triglycerides) as carrier agents for CBD isolate. Both of these oils contain naturally anti-inflammatory properties, therefore boosting the properties of CBD both sub-lingually and topically.

What’s an appropriate dose of CBD?

All of Calyx Wellness’ CBD Bath Bombs are single use products, meaning they are a single dose. However, the oils and tinctures require you to decide on a dosage amount. Dosage depends on the reason you’re using CBD, your weight, and the severity of your problem. A typical dose of CBD can be anywhere between 5mg and 50mg. For more information on where you fit in that spectrum, read this article on how to choose your CBD dosage.