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Athletic adaptogens, superfoods, and vitamins plus mushroom magic for energy, metabolism, and mood

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Energy is more than physical. Pound for pound the brain uses the most energy of any organ. Designed to enhance both cognitive and physical performance, Energy Stack is our energy-multiplying microdose formula that is firmly rooted in supporting the organ that needs the energy the most — your brain — while optimizing your body's natural energy balance and metabolism. Informed by traditional medicine and backed by rigorous research, Energy Stack combines Psilocybin Mushrooms, Cordyceps, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Arabica Coffee, and Vitamin B3 (as Niacin) to rapidly:

  • Give clean lasting energy
  • Enhance mental and athletic performance
  • Boost memory, processing, and productivity
  • Promote alertness and focus
  • Improve libido and fertility in men and women

Commit to Energy Stack, and you should start to see shifts in your energy and drive within 4 weeks.

25mg Psilocybe cubensis per capsule

Clinically shown to improve:

Metabolism: converts fat, protein, and carbs into ATP/cellular currency.

Vitality: increases resistance to fatigue and improves recovery. Supports lung capacity, cardiovascular function, and a healthy immune response.

Energy: promotes stamina and muscle recovery. Powers physical endurance, enhances performance, rejuvenates energy.

Mood: supports healthy serotonin activity, optimal brain function, and short-term memory

If you wish to follow the Paul Stamets protocol, take 1–4 caps together for 4 consecutive days. Follow this by 3 days without a microdose. Repeat.

Because Energy Stack contains Niacin, which promotes metabolism and energy production, it's recommended that you take them in the morning.

You are not confined to this method. Refer to the image gallery for other popular microdosing schedules, or this article for a comprehensive guide to microdosing.

The capsules are not designed as a way to consume large amounts of psilocybin.

+ Organic Psilocybe Cubensis: Studied to be neuroprotective, promote neurogenesis and synaptogenesis, and improve global functional brain connectivity impaired by stress, diet, and lack of sleep. Activates serotonin receptors responsible for mood and memory consolidation. Enhances dopamine expression.

+ Organic Cordyceps Extract: Cordyceps are traditionally used to sustain energy and stamina, and encourage healthy lung capacity. Traditionally known as the “Himalayan Viagra,” they help increase libido and fertility in both men and women. Cordyceps also help the body handle stress and support a healthy immune response.

+ Organic Cinnamon: Shown to improve blood circulation and sensitivity to the hormone insulin, a key hormone in the regulation of metabolism and energy use. Exhibits powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions, protecting the body and brain from cellular damage and oxidative stress.

+ Organic Peppermint Extract: Traditionally used to improve energy levels, reduce daytime fatigue, and promote healthy respiratory function.

+ Organic Arabica Coffee Bean: Low-caffeine stim and rich in bioactive antioxidants, the most abundant being chlorogenic acid, a family of health-promoting polyphenols that combat inflammation. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals essential for energy, mood, and metabolism—like niacin, magnesium, riboflavin, manganese, and potassium. We only use enough to confer its benefits, without getting you wired.

+ Naturally-derived Niacin: Addresses Vitamin B3 deficiencies essential for cognition, energy production, and cellular protection. Helps convert fat, carbs, and protein into cellular currency/ATP. Is required for serotonin production.


Let nature do the heavy lifting.

It’s legs day. Every time it’s legs day, it’s time for your magic mushroom microdose.

This has been your routine for weeks. The morning of your gym routine, you take a capsule. Your energy levels are high throughout the day, and you feel less sore and more energised the next day. It’s as though nature did the heavy lifting for you.

Life is full of unknowns.

Our products aren't. If you have any questions, we’re here: [email protected].

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Stoke your energy. Empower metabolic function.

Energy Stack is rich with micronutrients, phytonutrients, and myconutrients that are crucial for metabolism. They stoke natural energy processes and turn food into cellular currency. Deficiency can manifest as slow metabolism, fatigue, brain fog, and low mood. Cordyceps brings an immediate adaptogenic boost, while Psilocybin brings the mood and focus.

Metabolism is more than burning calories.

It’s the chemical process that keeps you alive by converting food into energy. It’s both building molecules to create energy and breaking down molecules to use energy. The nutrients in Energy Stack are crucial for this process, and deficiency can lead to slower metabolic processes, impacting energy, mood, and focus. Energy from stimulants like caffeine is unnatural and unsustainable. It alters vital chemicals in the brain to keep you from feeling your tiredness.

Stim vs. Non-stim Energy.

Stim energy relies on stimulants, like caffeine, to alter your brain chemistry by blocking receptors from receiving signals to feel tired. Caffeine doesn’t actually create energy; it keeps you from feeling fatigued. Altering brain chemistry that masks your fatigue can also cause anxiety, restlessness, and troubled sleep. Coincidently coffee has also been linked to lowered B vitamins, which are important cofactors that help convert fat, protein, and carbs into cellular currency/ATP.

Inside Energy Stack Microdose Mushroom Capsules

Organic Arabica Coffee Bean

Form: Ground coffee bean powder, certified Canadian Organic and USDA Organic.

Benefit: Low-caffeine (<0.3mg per dose) stim rich in phenolics, a potent class of antioxidants that reduce the effects of oxidative stress.

Organic Cinnamon

Form: Ground powder, certified Canadian Organic , USDA Organic, and Ecocert Canada.

Benefit: Studied to improve attention and memory, reduce fatigue, decrease inflammation and oxidative stress, increase brain blood circulation, and advance tissue regeneration.

Organic Cordyceps

Form: Patented extraction from certified organic Cordyceps fruiting bodies, standardized to >1% Cordycepin and >25% 1,3 and 1,6 beta-glucans.

Benefit: Traditionally used to sustain energy and stamina, and support healthy lung capacity.

Organic Peppermint

Form: Ground leaf powder, certified Canadian Organic and USDA Organic.

Benefit: Helps relieve muscle pain, induce muscle relaxation, and reduce fatigue.

Organic Psilocybe cubensis

Form: Ground powder made from 100% fruiting body.

Benefit: Promotes neurogenesis, synaptogenesis, and neuroplasticity. Activates serotonin receptors responsible for mood, learning, and memory consolidation. Treats anxiety and combats depression.

Glow to Sleep Unstress Stack featuring Energy Stack Microdose Capsules and Sleep Solution in CBD

Stress, energy, sleep, and brain health are entangled.

Support them all 2 ways.

Energy Stack in the AM stokes energy, spirit, cognition, and metabolism. Sleep Solution in CBD in the PM promotes deep, restorative sleep. Energy and calm on a cellular level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Energy Stack boost my metabolism?

Cordyceps, Cinnamon, and Vitamin B3 work synergistically to improve energy balance and metabolism 3 ways:

First, B vitamins are essential for metabolism. Vitamin B3 converts fat, carbs, and protein into cellular energy, or ATP. Cordyceps also helps to boost ATP production. More cell energy leads to sounder sleep, increased productivity, better workouts, more capacity to handle stress, and an overall whole-system upgrade.

Next, Cinnamon slows the absorption of sugar from high-carb meals. At the same time, both Cordyceps and Cinnamon accelerate glucose metabolism by increasing insulin sensitivity and improving oral glucose tolerance.

Then, Cordyceps and Cinnamon improve baseline metabolic rate, activate skeletal muscle metabolic regulators, and stimulate a coordinated antioxidant response. This decreases abdominal and liver fat deposits and improves your lipid profile.

How does Energy Stack boost my energy?

Cordyceps improves your body's production of ATP. At the same time, Vitamin B3 helps convert fat, carbs, and protein into ATP.

ATP is a compound that creates energy and helps cells function. It's the energy source the body uses for all its movements. By recharging your muscles' ATP stores, Energy Stack allows you to maintain high-intensity activity — lifting, sprinting, etc. — past your usual limits.

How does Energy Stack boost my mood?

Microdoses of Psilocybin Cubensis mushrooms support healthy serotonin activity to bring calming energy, enhance your mind-body connection, boost focus and processing, and improve your mental stamina and adaptability to stress. At the same time, Cordyceps supports healthy adrenal function, which plays an important role in the balance of sex and stress hormones.

How does Energy Stack support my energy levels during periods of stress?

Energy Stack is your non-stim wake-up call. Clinically-studied to stoke your body's natural energy to support enduring stamina, speedy recovery, and a healthy immune system. Informed by TCM, Ayurveda, and Ancient Egyptian Medicine, this formula combines Cordyceps, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Arabica Coffee, and Vitamin B3 (as Niacin) to increase drive while reducing fatigue.

Psilocybin improves mood and cognition by supporting healthy serotonin levels and improving functional brain connectivity. Adaptogenic Cordyceps boosts endurance, ignites sex drive, and improves cardiovascular health by increasing ATP levels and restoring your circadian rhythms. B vitamins are crucial for energy, metabolism, and mood. Vitamin B3 helps convert fat, protein, and carbs into cellular currency/ATP. Cinnamon supports cell health and energy metabolism, and Arabica Coffee Bean (<0.3mg caffeine per capsule) works in the background to provide potent antioxidant support.

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A My Supply Co. Customer
Kailee P.
I recommend this product

Energy Stack Microdose Mushroom Caps

Starting taking these capsules to help with ADHD symptoms and I found it really makes a difference. Generally in a better mood on microdose days, lifted mood.

  • Wellness Concern: MoodEnergyFocus
  • Age Range: 35 - 44
I recommend this product

Better then I thought

After 2 cycles I noticed a dramatic change in my body waking up in the morning. Waking up with energy and focus instead of feeling my sleep tagging along into my afternoon.

  • Which benefits or effects did you experience? (Choose as many as you like) More calm and adaptable to stressImproved cognitionDecreased anxiety
  • Wellness Concern (Choose as many as you like) AnxietyEnergyFocus
  • Age Range (Optional)
I recommend this product

Worth Every Penny

With regular use I recognized sustained increased energy levels, increased productivity, and a generally higher mood. I highly recommend these. Like, potentially life changing.

  • Which benefits or effects did you experience? (Choose as many as you like) Improved cognitionDecreased anxietyDecreased depression
  • Wellness Concern (Choose as many as you like) AnxietyMoodEnergy
  • Age Range (Optional) 35 - 44
I recommend this product


Best product by far I've found in the market

  • Wellness Concern: SexEnergy
  • Age Range: 45 - 54
I recommend this product

Some difference with 1 pill

I like them, I take 1 pill on a 4 on/3off schedule. For sake of price I am not taking 3-4 per day. but even with 1 pill per day I notice just a general 10% edge or increase and stable energy through the day (comparative to having coffee for energy and I feel a dip and a lull around 2/3/4pm... these pills don't have that impact)

  • Wellness Concern: SleepEnergyFocus
  • Age Range: 25 - 34
My Supply Co. Energy Stack Microdose Mushroom Capsules Review

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