Sunnyside Botanicals

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Sunnyside Botanicals products made?

Sunnyside Botanicals is a CBD product company based in Vancouver. All products are handmade in Vancouver with the finest, locally sourced ingredients.

What ingredients does Sunnyside Botanicals use?

Sunnyside Botanicals prides itself on using botanical ingredients. They use solvent-free, high quality CBD, alongside pharmaceutical grade essential oils and epsom salts.

Are Sunnyside Botanicals products lab tested?

Sunnyside Botancials products aren’t tested — but their CBD is tested. Each batch of CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD and nano CBD is tested for quality, purity, and contaminants. These lab tests can be requested from Sunnyside Botanicals. Sunnyside Botanicals provides 100% transparency about the quality of CBD used in its formulas.

What is “nano CBD”?

Sunnyside Botanicals is one of few providers of nanoencapsulated CBD. This means that CBD molecules have been turned into nanoparticles, making them smaller and easier to pass through the blood brain barrier. It’s said that this provides higher bioavailability, therefore requiring a smaller dose, and allows the CBD to be carried in pure water. It has no taste or texture so it can be easily dissolved into beverages.

How are Sunnyside Botancials products packaged?

Sunnyside Botanicals has the environment at the centre of its mind when packaging its products. All products are packaged in recyclable materials and labels are printed on FSC certified paper — which means all paper is chlorine-free and sourced sustainably.

How much CBD should you take?

A typical CBD dosage might be anywhere from 5mg to 50mg, depending on why you’re using CBD, the severity of that problem, and your own metabolism and weight. To get an idea of the dose you should be at, check out our comprehensive cannabis dosage guide:

Do Sunnyside Botanicals products contain THC?

Most Sunnyside Botanicals products are made with CBD isolate or nanoencapsulated CBD, which contain 0% THC. However, Sunnyside Botanicals does provide a full-spectrum CBD tincture which means negligible levels of THC can be detected. These minute levels of THC don’t contribute to getting high, but they might come up on a drug test if you ever needed to be tested for any reason.