Key takeaways.

  • Our top picks for nature documentaries to watch stoned?

    Human Planet, My Octopus Teacher and Africa.

  • And the best strains to pair with them?

    Check out our Indica Raspberry ZZZ Bombs, Grape God Indica, and Strawberry Diesel Hybrid.

Did you love watching our list of conspiracy theory documentaries to watch stoned? Well, if that got your brain jazzed, we’re going to get your eyes and your heart jazzed with this list. Nature documentaries take your mind and heart to that soft, inspirational place — and they’re visually exciting, too.

For the lovers of colour, animals, climate, and plants — this list of nature documentaries is for you. The days are getting colder so get your vape and your remote control ready. This is going to be a fun week!

1. Human Planet.

If you love learning about the different ways that humans connect with their environments and their animal neighbours, this 8-part docuseries will melt your heart. Human Planet highlights how resourceful and adaptable the human species is, and how lives differ so very much from one geographical location to the next.

Throughout the series, you see people develop complex and mutually beneficial relationships with animals and the environment. Human Planet is a celebration of man’s relationship with nature and his adaptability to the many different environments that nature provides.

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2. My Octopus Teacher.

My Octopus Teacher follows the bizarre and inspiring journey of a filmmaker, and his relationship with the ocean and a special ocean creature he encounters. The film starts with the maker’s backstory — a man who as a child had a deep relationship with the South African kelp forest. When his life turns upside down, his only option is to get back in the water. There he meets his octopus.

Visually, the documentary is a sight for stoned eyes. Moving underwater images of kelp forests and marine life are breathtaking. The story is just as inspirational as the visuals are — it’s a good one to get into those feel good vibes.

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3. Africa.

If you only ever watch one David Attenborough documentary in your life, let it be Africa. It might be getting a bit old (2013), but it’s still probably one of the most awe-inspiring nature documentary series ever made. This seven part series really does let you connect with just how wild the African continent is.

Each episode is a journey through another place, its deserts or savannahs, its volcanoes and its rainforests. As you move through the series, you start to get an idea of the diversity of natural environments in Africa.

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4. The Coconut Revolution.

Okay — this documentary is one part nature and one part history, but we just couldn’t leave it off the list. If you want to feel inspired about the potential of the human race, you must watch this documentary.

This documentary was made in 2001, and is about the plight of the indigenous people of Bougainville to protect their native land during the civil war. Throughout the film, you see how the indigenous people used coconuts to fight back against the Papuan army.

A feat of both human and nature, especially when they’re working together, this is the kind of documentary that makes your heart jump out of your chest. If it’s one of those grey days outside where the whether looks sad and you need a natural mood booster, it’s definitely time for some cannabis and The Coconut Revolution.

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5. Dynasties.

To top off our list, we have a documentary dedicated to animals. Dynasties follows the stories of some of the world’s most endangered species and how they got there. Like a good animal documentary, it follows the animals’ personal stories as you watch families and groups fight to save the future of their species.

Dynasties is beautiful to watch but also touches a soft spot. It shows how delicate the world really is and how some of its most beautiful inhabitants are at risk of disappearing forever. Dynasties might leave you a little teary eyed, but your heart will be full of nothing but love for the world’s amazing animal species.

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OG Kush seems to melt the mind into the kind of trance that’s perfect for getting stuck into a good flick. It’s relaxing and lazy, and is perfectly accompanied by a warm beverage and a nature documentary like Dynasties. Enjoy as an evening vape-and-watch or a lazy afternoon.

We hope you enjoyed this list of nature documentaries to enjoy next to some of Canada’s finest cannabis products. Which ones did you watch? Are any of your favourites on the list? Any we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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