Fed up with low energy levels, poor productivity, and social anxiety that has you lamenting the end of COVID mandates? Our mood, energy, and focus can be fickle things. Some of us have it good, some of us don't. But whether you'd like to get back what you had or are looking to take yourself to the next level, that doesn't mean your personal care regimen can't use a leg-up.

The beautiful Bee (@justbeeing_), Yoga Teacher, YouTuber, and MSC Brand Ambassador, checks in with us after her 1-month journey with Immune Stack—clean, adaptogenic microdose capsules designed to target the effects of stress to:

  • enhance cognition
  • improve energy, mood, and focus
  • support healthy inflammation
  • activate your cells for quick response

In this video, Bee starts by revealing her preliminary research (we love a babe that reads the fine print) and guiding you through her daily microdosing regime, topping it off with a reflection on the transformations she experienced. Thank you, Bee!


Bee (@justbeeing_) reflects on her 1-month microdosing journey with Immune Stack.


  • "That capsule acts like a small cup of coffee for me, but I don't feel jittery which is nice. So I do feel a bit more energized without the anxiety"
  • "Despite not working my social muscle in quite a while, I haven't been feeling that tired, which is great, and quite surprising... I felt like I was dealing with less social anxiety"
  • "Colors seem just a teeny more vibrant, and I find it easier to relax and take in the moment—similar to cannabis, honestly, they're both similar in that regard for me where I can just appreciate the now with a little bit more effort."
  • "As for energy levels, I tend to stay away from coffee and caffeine. So, my day-to-day looks like me having 2- 3 teas (usually green teas). I will say I do feel less of a need to have my 3rd green tea, like I hit less of an afternoon slump overall."

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  1. Loved the vlog thanks for sharing your experience!

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