Our Story.

Before My Supply Co., we were misfits on a mission. Rick (our Founder) had a stroke that essentially shut down parts of his brain and body. I (Will, Co-Founder) left a work environment that gifted me burnout, depression, and severe panic attacks. Rick began medicating with CBD and THC; I did too. (don't tell my mom)

We found that through small daily practices, transformational shifts were made. Where plants healed, conventional health care failed. So, we obsessively poured over the growing research on ancestral medicines and introduced these discoveries to our lives and communities. We expanded not only our minds, but our body's resilience to stress and illness. We challenged the poorly integrated healthcare systems that treated symptoms instead of root causes, driven by a vision to forge a path toward radical well-being for all—mind, body, and spirit.

One day we met. And one day, we had a wild idea.

That idea is My Supply Co.

Our Vision.

A world where the Western healthcare system recognizes the 10,000+ years of science using food as medicine. Where the intersection of plants, science, and wisdom reshapes the very fabric of existence—creating a healthier, more immersed, and more connected collective consciousness.

Our job is done when you're able to discontinue our products without worrying about whether you can still live a happy, fulfilling, and connected life—mind, body, and spirit.

Past, Present, and Future.

Tap each milestone to view the behind-the-scenes of our company.

Stress and lifestyle compound for Rick, culminating in a debilitating stroke. He self-medicates with CBD and THC, leading to a miraculous recovery.

Today, he's the hockey-loving CEO and tech maestro at My Supply Co.

A toxic work environment gives me severe burnout, panic syndrome, and depression. Prescription pharmaceuticals exacerbate my mental health, giving me a panic attack so severe I end up with a hospital psychiatrist. So, I pursue alternative paths to healing, starting with CBD.

Now I'm anxiety-free, feel like my old self again, and have more energy and passion for what I do than ever.

Destiny intertwines as Rick and I, driven by shared principles and a profound vision for health, forge the connection that sets the stage.

We launch My Supply Co. as a marketplace for some of Canada's most cherished plant-based medicine brands and make them accessible and ethically priced, even to the wealthy. Yet, it feels like something's missing.

Knowledge is power; we recognize the gap in the public's knowledge and, in an effort to empower them, start writing nuanced, well-researched articles bridging the worlds of science, cannabis, and self-care—an early step towards a holistic health paradigm.

Our motto: We Make Weed Make Sense

We're making enough to launch our own formulations, using ingredients we've tested and healed with ourselves. We start with just a few of nature's most potent ingredients, creating clean, clinical-grade formulations. Our first products are Full Spectrum, Isolate, Sleep Solutions, microdose Stacks, and macrodose supplements.

With a staggering 3,500+ evidence-based nutrient compounds, we launched and pioneered a new era of supplements and natural alternatives that target issues at their roots.

Harmonizing well-being with environmental responsibility, we ditch single-use plastic containers with 100% recyclable amber glass jars. A humble first step of many towards more plant-friendly practices.

Sadly, we bid our flower collection adieu to align our offerings with our vision of holistic health and well-being. But Canada is home to some of the finest flower in the world, so we know you're in good hands.

We take a resolute step towards our vision and start phasing out non-MSC products, committing more deeply than ever to designing products that create meaningful upgrades to your health & well-being.

We love a babe that reads the fine print. Use code FINEPRINT10 for $10 off your next purchase $75+. Cannot be used on sale items or in conjunction with other coupons.

What's Next.

We are also actively searching for retailers to get our products on shelves near you.

If any come to your mind, we'd love to know!