Key takeaways.

  • Our top picks for anime shows to watch while high?

    Avatar - The Last Airbender, One Piece, and Princess Mononoke are our top three picks.

  • And strains to match them?

    Black Diamond Hybrid, the Honey Rose Vape Cart and delicious THC Fizzy Colas can be found in the pantry.

Get your blankets out. Turn on the fire. Brew that CBD hot chocolate or pick up your favourite vape. It’s time to enjoy our list of the best anime shows to watch while high. Even if anime isn’t really your thing, there’s a show in here for all tastes. Plus, when there’s good cannabis on hand, anime can be for anybody.

We’re all spending more time indoors. And while it can be tempting to keep your eyes glued to the news in this day and age, but we urge you to leave it alone, at least for a couple of hours a day. And when you’re not watching the news, you can be delighting your imagination with some good old anime.

Here are our favourites!

1. Avatar - The Last Airbender.

Not the Avatar film. Avatar - The Last Airbender is arguably the greatest anime series ever to have graced this planet. The world of Avatar encompasses four great groups — the airbenders, firebenders, waterbenders and earthbenders. And everybody thought that all the airbenders had been wiped off the planet a long time ago.

Avatar — The Last Airbender begins when two innocent waterbenders discover that there is, in fact, one last living airbender. 

This anime series is heart melting, adventurous, and magical all at the same time. It’s one of those anime series that isn’t just a delight to watch, but is genuinely full of so much profound wisdom. A perfect watch with the family or alone.

Pair with 180mg THC Fizzy Colas by Faded Cannabis Co. 

The THC Fizzy Colas by Faded Cannabis Co. are deliciously reminiscent of childhood and walking into the candy store. They’re the perfect mood-enhancing treat to go with an anime series as uplifting as Avatar.

2. One Piece.

Now we’re talking hardcore anime. One Piece is a Japanese manga anime series based on the comic book. A lot like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece is one of those anime series with quite literally, thousands of episodes. Yes, it’s been running for a very long time. 

Don’t expect any romance from One Piece. It’s got episode-long fight scenes and it’s more about one kid’s plight to be the king of pirates than it is an inner journey into existence. One Piece is an adventure through thousands of 20 minute episodes. 

It’s the perfect show to binge on or it’s perfect for a quick anime fix before bed.

Pair with Black Diamond Hybrid.

Black Diamond Hybrid is considered one of the best social strains to have graced the cannabis industry. It’s a balanced physical and cerebral high that makes it ideal for hours-on-end anime watching. It’s a light, fun strain to keep you viscerally engaged with the epic character building of One Piece.

3. Princess Mononoke.

Princess Mononoke is a lot like Avatar - The Last Airbender in the sense that it touches on fundamental principles of human existence. Princess Mononoke is a film, starting in a time where the harmony between humans, animals, and the earth has been lost.

The main character, Ashitaka, attempts to make peace between Princess Mononoke and her wolf God companion, Moro. But it just leads to more conflict. The beautiful message of Princess Mononoke isn’t one of triumph, but of finding the good things even in the middle of turmoil.

Princess Mononoke is an adventure into what it means to be harmonious with the earth and the gods. The colourscapes and delicate style of animation in Princess Mononoke are a treat for the discerning anime film lover.

Pair with Honey Rose Vape Cart.

Something about Princess Mononoke makes it such a sweet film, so we think pairing a sweet vape cart is the perfect way to go. There are some dark themes in Princess Mononoke that end in realisation, so keep your mood uplifted and romantic with the Honey Rose Vape cart so that you, too, can find the good things even in the chaos. 

4. Porco Rosso.

OK - finally. Something a little funny and weird. There are lots of weird anime films out there, but this one ought to bring out the little child who wanted to be a pilot inside of all of us. 

Porco Rosso is the story of an ex-pilot who somehow was turned into a pig during the first world war. It’s now the 1930s, and it’s up to Porco Rosso to save the skies from aeronautical pirates who are terrorizing cruise ships in the Adriatic Sea. 

What’s funny is the misplacement of Italian culture, World War 1 setting, and a pig for a pilot. None of it seems quite fitting for anime, but somehow it fits perfectly into a light, funny film about what’s possible when you enlist the help of your best friends.

Pair with Tom Ford Live Resin.

Tom Ford Live Resin, a heavy indica, is the perfect night time strain, so enjoy it with Porco Rosso for a night-time anime bender. Strong floral and sweet flavours amalgamate into a giggling sensation, a perfect mood for watching an air-fighter-turned-pig save the world from air pirates.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist.

Two alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphons Elric, search for the philosopher’s stone in this huge, award-winning anime series. In the world of Fullmetal Alchemist, alchemy is the underlying principle of nature. All creation, all conflict, and all resolution are subject to the laws of alchemy.

Before each fight, the two have to consult the transmutation circle and use it to draw on the powers they need to win battles and proceed with their mission.

With 51 episodes in total, Fullmetal Alchemist will keep your anime cravings satisfied for at least a week. 

Pair with Blue God Indica.

Blue God is the ultimate tranquilizing indica strain for sitting on the couch, munchies close, for hours watching Fullmetal Alchemist. Since Fullmetal Alchemist is best watched as a binge, we think it deserves a potent, couch-locking indica strain that won’t let you walk away from it. And it will feel so good to not walk away from it. 

What’s your favourite anime show to watch high? Let the community know so there can be more, endless anime watching while high. Drop your favourite show in the comments!

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