Key takeaways.

  • What is the lemon tek method?

    The lemon tek method requires you to soak dry magic mushrooms in lemon jucie for 15 minutes before consuming them.

  • What's the point of using the lemon tek method?

    Many users report that the effects come on faster, have a shorter duration, and are much more intense. A lesser body load is also reported and less nausea symptoms.

  • How does the lemon tek method work?

    It's never been scientifically proven, but theoretically, the acidic nature of lemon juice helps to break down the cell walls of magic mushrooms. This means the compounds can pass through the stomach faster and to the liver for enzymatic conversion.

While we love magic mushrooms ever so dearly, there are sometimes things you’d like to modify about the experience. Psilonauts and psychonauts around the world have been using the “lemon tek” method to do exactly that for a whole variety of reasons.

Some people want to reduce the body load and subsequent nausea. Others are just okay with having a shorter, more intense trip. But the general consensus seems to be that lemon tekking altogether reduces the duration of the high, makes it more intense, and reduces the body load.

In this article, we’re going to investigate why the lemon tek method might actually create these effects and how to lemon tek magic mushrooms at home so that you can try it.

What is lemon tekking and how does it work?

An illustration of a lemon jug and magic mushrooms surrounded by the words "lemon tek" as. heading. An illustration of the lemon tek method.

The lemon tek essentially means soaking your dried mushrooms in lemon juice before taking it as a whole shot. The concept behind this, as reported by so many on Shroomery, is to reduce the duration of a mushroom trip while simultaneously making it more intense. Users report a much faster onset and less physical side effects like nausea — it’s all psychonaut travel. 

Given the nature of a lemon tek and the reasons people do it, this is the kind of thing you’d want to reserve for a macrodose. You’d have pretty much no reason to lemon tek a microdose. And given that it might make a mushroom trip much more intense, we probably wouldn’t recommend it to first time trippers. The lemon tek is worth trying if you want to boost the experience to the next level.

So what’s the point behind it?

The concept behind soaking dry mushrooms in lemon juice before ingesting them is that allegedly, the acidic nature of the lemon juice begins to convert psilocybin to psilocin. Psilocybin is a prodrug — this means that it’s not psychoactive until it’s converted to psilocin by the liver. This is what’s thought to be behind the lemon tek method, but the answer is probably a lot more simple than that.

Given that the liver converts psilocybin to psilocin, it’s unlikely that mimicking the acidic nature of the stomach would instigate this conversion process. However, the stomach’s role in the digestion of magic mushrooms is to break down chitin, the compound that makes up the cell walls of mushrooms. Most of the active compounds are hiding in the cell walls, but mushroom cells aren’t made of cellulose like other vegetables. So they’re a little harder to break open. It’s more likely that the lemon tek method simply helps to break down the cell walls of magic mushrooms which makes the passage of psilocybin to the liver much faster. 

Essentially, what a person creates with the lemon tek method is a little magic mushroom extraction. The fact that it’s already been extracted into a liquid makes it more bioavailable, easier to digest and absorb, and therefore stronger and faster to be excreted.

How to lemon tek magic mushrooms.

An illustration of a glass of lemon juice with a mushroom standing up inside it and a lemon wedge on the edge of the glass. A concept of how to lemon tek magic mushrooms.
  1. Grind your magic mushrooms, preferably into a powder. Put in a small cup.

    The finer they are ground, the better. More surface area allows the lemon juice to do more of its work.

  2. Juice 1 whole lemon and pour it over the magic mushrooms. Mix with a spoon.

    The mushrooms should be entirely covered by lemon juice. If you need to juice more lemon, do that until the mushrooms are submerged.

  3. Allow to sit for 15 minutes.

    This gives the acidic lemon juice a chance to break down the cell walls of the magic mushrooms.

  4. Consume in its entirety.

    It's important to consume the magic mushrooms with the lemon juice. You don't have to chew.

It's only going to take around 15 - 30 minutes for magic mushrooms to take effect after using the lemon tek method — so buckle yourself in for the ride!

Have you used the lemon tek method? What differences did you notice to consuming magic mushrooms dry? We'd love to hear from you. Drop your lemon tek story in the comments.

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